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Reporters Junio 2013

Namaste Maria.

How are you Maria? Hope everything is fine with you.

Due to heavily rainfall in this month. In some places of Nepal occur landslide and flood and many more houses has been drowned, people are dying in different places, many people are insecure and they do not have shelter to stay so in various places government is helping them in basic needs. This time due to more rainfall occur, women as well as children are not coming regularly.

We are taking examinations of women.11am and 12pm English groups of 3 month studying period and 1 pm Nepali group of Eureka of 3 month learning period and 12pm Nepali group of Shanti of 6 month studying period. I will send you pictures while taking these examinations with women and how they appeared in Examination time. Women did well in examination. They are improving better than before and they are sincere and serious in education.

We cannot go to visit houses due to more rainfall and also we teachers are not feeling well too. We are also having day by day sick and going to hospital for check up.

During this month, we could not do extra activities with children because its monsoon weather and mostly all days heavily raining. Children are not coming regularly. They play some games like damas. Okka, chess, badminton etc games and do home works of schools. The situation is not good some days then we do not take much time with children. They are happy to come here and enjoy time with us.

Chhiring is not coming in the Khushi nest because in school he is studying so in place of him we admitted sarita Mallik sister of Sunita Mallik, they are very nice and honest children. They have problem in family and need the place like Khushi nest where they can achieve opportunity to show their inner talent and can gain much extra intellectual knowledge which can build their ideas and thinking power.

We are working goodly as a team together, helping each other. Hope you are happy with us.

Yours faithfully team…….




Namaste Maria,

How are you Maria?

This month. I have examination of 11am to 12pm high level of Nepali women group. They have done well in their examination. All are old group of women. Another two group examination of women will be taken in June. The women are doing well and better with their education in reading and writing. They are regular, coming in the classes. From 12pm to 1pm medium nepali level. Women are same as before, they are learning goodly and coming regular in the classes. From 1pm to 2pm some women are new. They are coming to study for improvement in their daily activities. They are happy to get education. They are improving and study hard. The women are coming regularly in this group. Before having Math classes I used to take Nepali Math in nepali group. Now Eurika is taking as two Nepali Math classes and I am taking three nepali classes.

For children, this month we teach them how to make chocolate cake by biscuit, cooking hat, extra activities like playing games, spending time in reading and writing, for the improvement and progress of children we take meeting with parents of children and able to knows their opinion. For next month we will try to do better with women and children to build their self confidence and help.

At last, I am glad to write you report of mine. Sharing with you these things of women and children. If any other thing I want to tell you again I will write you. We are having a team so doing good work in the khushi nest.

Thank you

Shanti Maharjan



Hola Maria

How are you? Hope you are fine there and everything is going well. Here in Nepal we all are fine. Maria, in this month in the Khushi Nest Cultural Center I have three classes ruling like before. From 10 to 11am I have been taking math class. There is twenty four women coming they are very enjoying their class and they are very improving their study. Another class starts at 1 to 2pm. This class is High level Nepali class there is ten women I have been taking this class now it is 4 months completed. They are improving a lot. When I take dictation they can write properly it is very good for them and I feel very happy to see it. Another class starts at 2 to 3pm. It has been ruling from three months. This class is basic low level, In this class nine women have been coming. I took exam on 1st July 2013 they are weak but they are improving their study,

Maria, we are visiting house by house it makes easy to know we have been giving class for uneducated women because some women did not know what we are doing and some women want study but they are very shy to came in our literacy class. In this month, we visited three women house. It is situated at 17 ward. They are in waiting list they are interested to study Nepali, Math and English classes. When we had visited them, they are very happy with us. Coming time again we will visit another women house.

Maria at 4 to 5: 30pm, children have been coming in our cultural center and they did their home work after they finish they are playing games what they like. This month we teach handicraft how to make hair rubber band. It makes them easy because they like it and also they need it. Children were very happy and interested to make hair rubber band. Now in Nepal, it is raining session and since two months it regularly raining. That’s why some children were ill and they did not being regular but now they are coming regularly.

Ok Maria take care and have a good time with you. Hope to see you soon.




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