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Reporters Julio 2013

 In this Month, we have celebrated Teacher’s day On 22nd of July 2013 with women as well as Children. Women are very happy to celebrate it with teachers. They enjoyed a lot by dancing, putting Tikas and giving blessing, Presents and flowers etc and wearing khatas. We are very happy to put tika from the women as an honor and Respect. They play dohori song like Question and answer in a group which was very nice. Women are very happy to enjoy the teacher’s day with us teachers and other. So, we offer them milk Tea and biscuits. They brought cake and make all of women to have it. All women and teachers missed you a lot.

For children, they also organized a programme for the teacher’s day. They too brought the cakes with love and respect. All children are asking your name if you were here then they could have so much fun and entertainment. We teachers glad to cut the cake and make all of them to have it. They seem to be very happy and excited. They decorate the rooms with balloons and colorful papers and flowers. We put Tika and blessing to all the children. Children who have been good byed from The Khushi Nest, they had also came which makes the environment was so good and entertaining. They gift us a peacock painting which was very nice so we put it in office room. They show the performance like dancing, singing song, poem, jokes etc. We offered all children chocolates. The children as well as Teacher are happy.

Women are studying goodly and coming regularly. The classes are going well. All teachers are handling classes goodly. Shanti, 1pm new group is now low level Nepali group which has been starting so women are coming to study who has been visited and other women are also coming.

We take women museum on 12th July 2013 in a palace which was good and learning day for both of us. We see many ancient things and get many knowledge but we are sad because we cannot capture the pictures.

We taught children how to make the handicraft greeting by Nepali Paper which is very useful.

On 31st July, 1 pm Nepali High level group of Eureka Final Examination has been held. So, I have sent some picture of it. After onwards in this time she is going to start social Studies in Nepali classes for High level Nepali women so that they could know the problems, solutions and different things of the society and how to handle it. It is very important to give knowledge to the women about the society.

Thank You, Coming time we will do our best to give more extra activities and learning to them.

Take care and bye




Namaste Maria,

Hope you are fit and fine in Spain. We are doing good job here. I would like to elaborate my job for the month July. The first and second shift (11:00 AM to 1:00PM) high level students are progressing their study rapidly. I am trying to follow four level of study Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. Women are excited to learn social and moral behaviour and its use in society. They are proud to be literate.

The third shift (1:00PM to 2:00PM) basic level students are excited to get education platform like KHUSINEST. They are improving their study gradually.

Regarding girls evening coaching class, we are assisting them in their school’s homework. For the month, we train them to make greeting cards. The snaps have been already posted to you. One more extraordinary activity about women group visit Narayan Hiti National Museum- Ex-Royal Palace. Women are excited to see historical goods used by Royal family. Mostly we excited to see crown-decorated with gold, diamond and other precious stones and feather of Humao bird.

At last, I am sorry to hear a tragic train accident in Spain.

Thank You



Bye bye



Namaste Maria

How are you Maria? Hope u are fine. I am writing you report about Khusi Nest Cultural Center.

In this month we bring all the women in Royal Palace. Because all the women were interest to visit there, they want to visit Royal Palace but they had no idea how to go there and they could not go along, they request us for visiting Royal Palace So Last month on 12th July 2013 Friday we bring all the women in Royal Palace. It is very big place almost 3 hour we been inside palace to visit different places. Women are very happy to see king’s life.

Women are doing very well in their class. Women of math class they are improving a lot they know basic mathematic like how to add, subtract, multiply and divide. Next month in first weak I will make exam for math class. Another one is high level Nepali class they are doing very well they can do question an answer and I will take exam on 31st July 2013 for them. Another class is low math class they did not know anything about mathematics now they are coming regular and they are improving their study I am happy with their improving.

In this month we visited five women house. They are uneducated they came from village when they was child they did not get chance for study but when they knew about our Khusi Nest Culatur Center they are very happy and they like to study. They are interest all the subject they are wetting in list.

All the children are coming regular in Cultural Center. Some children had already finished their exam in school and some children will have exam in next month. One student of Cultural center her name is Ranjana Pariyar She has to stay until at 6 evening in school so she could not come. So now one child less in Cultural Center. In this month I teach children and for teachers how to make Gretting Card. This card is very useful for everyone it is very special design because there is possible to put our picture inside the card. I make one care for u when u will come in Nepal I will give you. When we teach them they were very interested and also they are doing very well. They are very happy with hand work.

This month on 22 July 2013 in Nepal we celebrate teacher day. Children and women celebrate teacher day. They was singing a song and dancing at that time all the children and women missing you a lot as well as we to missing you a lot. We want to wise you many happy teacher day because you are also our teacher. This month our president also came in our cultural center. Now it is time for renew so we talk about renew he will talk with our layer about it.

Ok Maria Take care have a good time with you. Many kisses and love.


Eureka Pradhan



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