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Visiting women Agosto 2013

Date:August 2013

    We go to visit some women of 17 wards to know their condition and to collect their information. So we had gone to visit three women house to know the information about their life and towards the education too. So I am writing a list of women with their basic information with pictures.


 Visiting ward women13Visiting ward women12
Name: Som Maya Lama 
Address: Nayabazaar 
Subject: Nepali.

     She wants to study Nepali because she did not study because in village she did household work, farming and doing agriculture work. She wants to study to know the things to learn. She has a son so she needs to learn to teach and need to be brave. Her family condition is good. 


 Visiting ward women15Visiting ward women14

Name: Kamala Karki 
Subject: English and Math

     She wants to study to English as well as Math. She had studied few levels in village in childhood. In village she could not study well. It is not enough for her so she wants to study more in cities after coming from village with her husband and children. She wants to be literate as all her family members are educated. She had opened a cosmetic shop. She teaches sewing too so she earns little money from it. Her condition is not so good.


 Visiting ward women17Visiting ward women16

Name: Neeru Tamang 
Subject: Nepali and English

     She wants to study Nepali and Math to improve her life in good way as she wants to teach her child and to make better life now as she is a house wife. In childhood she used to live in her village so she could not read because of the household work.Her family condition is good .


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