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Reporters Agosto 2013

Namaste Maria.

In August Month, We have visited houses at the Nayabazaar.  Women wants to study but they do not know the literacy classes because as they used to live in village at childhood and did work on the household activities village, farming, agriculture and digging the field. They try to improve their lifestyle and want to be literate and know ideas and knowledge.

For women, all classes of women two classes of Math, Two English classes and Nepali classes of Eureka and Shanti are going well. Some new women are coming to study which I will send you report of all later. On 29th August high level Math level Examination from 10am to 11am has been taken. All women did very well in an Examination. Some women are not coming regularly as they have got sickness, some need to go urgently in their village for some days with our permission for their own personal work. Mostly, the new women are coming now. From 1pm to 2pm new classes of Shanti low level is going goodly. Women seem very happy to come here and study. Soon New English low level class is going too started. Next week, on September from 8 to 10 September women need holidays as they need to go in their own village and house to celebrate the Teej festival with their relatives, friends and family, they need to put fasting and worship god with respect so we decided to give them holidays.

For children, some Children are not coming like Astha Lama, Shirisha Ghimire, Mallika Lungeli Magar, Kritika Tamang, Manish and Anish Pandey and Ranjana Pariyar. Astha Lama is now taking classes lately in the school so she will not come as she is studying in the school late evening. Shirisha Ghimire is going hotel. She is busy in going hotel with her mother so she is not coming. Mallika Lungeli Magar is not coming since so many days nor can we contact with her parents. Kritika Tamang is very small child so she cannot come alone in the cultural center and her mother is pregnant and delivery period. So she is not coming. Manish and Anish Pandey is now taking home tuition with their school teacher; they too are also not coming. Ranjana is not coming since long time so she said she has extra classes in the school because now in schools children of upper level classes; they keep extra study classes to them for reading and writing so in the place of Ranjana we keep a girl name Chhoting Sherpa. Her mother gone abroad since a year so her father work in a trekking so she need the place like the cultural center so she could get better knowledge and ideas. She gets help and support to deal with the study problem too. We teach them how to painting with water color in a paper with imaginative and with their ideas. So they are now learning how to use painting color in a paper. They are now in painting in paper about coloring.

I had already informed to President about the orphan home that you cannot take because of the worse condition of Spain. President informs this information to the Lawyer. You have made an agreement about running it for years and lawyer had already made an all legal document to run the orphan home and is in process to run the orphan home with kids so
President said me it will be very difficult to cancel the legal document which are in process and improve and remake new legal document. What is your opinion towards it they wanted to know?


Your’s Faithfully

Take care






                                   Hope you are fine in Spain.  We all the teachers, children and women are very fine. First of all I am very happy to hear that you will come soon in Nepal. All the children are very excited to see you again.

                           Maria, our work is going well I have been teaching three classes like before at 10 to 11 o’clock is math class there is almost 20 students they all are improving a lot they solve basic mathematic they are very happy with their progress.  Another one is high level Nepali class it is at 1 to 2 o’clock there are 16 women they read and write properly their book, also they are improving a lot their study. Another one is low mathematic class. There are 12 students. When they were come for study, they did not know any basic things. But they are doing hard work in their study.

                               This month we visited three women’s house they are living surrounded seventeen wards. They are very interested in study. One of the women of these three women, Sommaya Tamang she know little word of math and Nepali So she join in high   level  Nepali class and Low math class. She is very happy to get chance to get Study. Another two women is in wetting list.

                               All the children are coming in our ‘’The Khushi nest cultural Center’’ in this month Malika Magar was left our center due to they moved their room. Other children Sirisha, Aastha, Kritika they have extra class in their school. And they are coming much let from their school so they could not attend in Cultural center. This month I teach children color panting and art. All the children learn very well they made very nice picture. We will send you that picture soon.

                                This month in different ward one Divaes Company gave free training about Gas kitchen. In Nepal many people used gas kitchen but they did not know some knowledge which makes big accident, so we requested them to teach our women and they save their life. It is very use full class foe everyone all the women as we too lean many things which we did not know before.

Auditor and President come in the khushi nest for the Auditting Expenses of the khushi nest legally for the renovation of the legal papers and document of The Khushi nest annually.

You are coming soon in the khushi nest so we can have conversation with our team. See you soon…

Thank You. Take care


Eureka Pradhan

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