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Reporters Septiembre 2013

Namaste Maria.

How are you? Do you reach in Spain Safely? How is your Journey? Hope everything is good with you.

In the Month (Mes) Of September, We did Activities like cleaning the offices, classrooms, glasses of the windows and washed all curtains of the rooms.

Women are enjoying the classes and attending regularly as well as children was very active. They did paintings, enjoyed playing games and learned and wrote their home works and extra activities.

On 19th of September, Our honorable respectable person “Founder” Maria; you came in The Khushi Nest. We had a great time with you. Women as well as children welcome you so warmly. They all are happy to see you. After you came here, we discuss the beautiful things, improvements, and best for The Khushi Nest. We had color the curtains in Yellow color for the rooms. The color suits in curtains very nicely. We bought useful things which is needed for The Khushi Nest and made necessary arrangements to feel comfortable while working in The Khushi Nest Specially in all the rooms. We paint the color in the rooms white, behind the each doors facing classes yellows  windows border yellow which made changes the rooms so nicely, brightness and beautiful. We are very happy to have changed in all the rooms. We feel so glad to have bright color in the rooms.  We discuss many ideas, things which is good for The Khushi Nest. We women and children are so pleased to saw the changes in The Khushi Nest. She has brought Khutukre to put some money by women  as well as children and us so that we can help to some widow who is needy, poor and in a bad condition to give her little help to her to make feel better. Children could learn Spanish Word class as well as Women could have tales classes which grown up their mind, intellectual, and intelligent. Children learned many things during her presence and had great time. We took Children to “Hanuman Dhoka” museum which is so gaining knowledge, ideas and things about ancient times. Children seem to be well discipline, helping each other. Elder children are taking care of Younger or smaller children. Their performance was so good towards others. We visited many places. We had a very good time with children and you

As the Dashain is coming near many women are taking leave, they want to have holidays for Dashain so many women had already gone to village for Dashain Festival slowly. We gave them Dashain holidays with much reading and learning activities so while they came back they could not forget learning and reading activities.

Eureka taught children as well as we help her to make house from the paper by joining the hard paper with glue so children had made various small and beautiful paper houses with painting outside which is colorful and nice. We called it Hand Made Paper house. All children seem to be so happy to learn it. Children drew picture in the black chart paper and cut it in shape so that while pasting in the plastic cover in the window, it seems beautiful. They are very happy to do it with you as well as us too. Some new children are admitted in the cultural center and I had already sent you reports. These children are happy to come here and learn extra activities things by here and want to help each other.

At the last day, to say Good Bye with women and children; Women put Tika and give you gifts. She gave matches to all to make life fill with full of lights and brightness never be in darkness with sad. They enjoyed the day by singing songs. Children also give greetings and flower to you (Maria) with full of happiness and she gives chocolates to all children. We offer or provide all ice-cream as it is last day with you in The Khushi Nest and holidays before the Dashain. We feel so happy with you, having great time and moment with her wishing you a Happy Dashain. May Goddess Durga Bhawani bless you success, prosperity, bright and happiness in your life. Take care.

BE Felit

TU ES Muy Bonitto

Un Beso Furte

Sadikshya Shrestha

September 2013




Namaste Maria,

Hope you reach Barcelona safely. As for the report for the month September; I   would like the present following points:

1.This September has been fruitful to the khusinest due to arrival of founder Maria Villalba Badia.

2.The classroom has been painted.

3.The clay piggy bank has been commenced with a view to help poor widow

    women and children.

4.A small size water tank has brought so as to clean fruit, scrub the floor and

  clean the toilet etc.

5.The children are taken to Hunuman  Dhoka museum to see various historical  

    subject  matter.

The first shift (11:00 AM to 12:00 PM) high level students class test has been taken .I am satisfy with their study. They are also motivated. The second and third shift (12:00 PM to 2:00 PM) medium and basic level students are continuing their study is also going fine.

            Regarding children evening classes are running smoothly. Children are well  studying as well they are entertaining with various playing materials. For the  month we train them to make paper house and painting with water colours. Besides above activities, various other things are done like, curtain coloured,  summery writing about puppets, drawing 8 errors competition was held Pancha Buddha drawing paper pasted on ceiling,, and  drawing on blank chart paper has been displayed on window.

            Lastly I wish for your good health and good time.

                        Take care and bye.

Thanking you 


September 2013




30th September 2013

Hola Maria,

                            Maria first of all I am very happy to listen you arrived in Spain. This month we change many things in ‘’Khushi Nest Culture Center’’. Maria you came on 19th September 2013 we are very happy to see you and as well as children also very happy to see you. You came and you stay few days in Kathmandu but you change many things in Khushi Nest so we, The Khushi Nest Culture center team are very happy and thankful to you.

                            This month we painted white color all the class and office room. It is very light color so looking very nice, clean and good environment for children and women. Children and women are very happy to see changes of Khushi Nest. You bring one Money collected box from Spain it is very good idea to collect some money for widow it helps needy widow.

                           This month you bring all the children and we the entire teacher too in Basantapur Dabur square and we visited Hanuman Dhoka Musim, Children are getting many knowledge’s history of Nepal. It makes easy for Study for the children because they must to study in their school about history of Nepal. Children were very happy and enjoyed a lot. This month we gave class for children of handcraft to make house from wasted paper as well as you also teach them paper decorated and many Games and Spanish Class. Children were very happy and enjoyed it. We have been distribute fruits from beginning but you decided this month we gave them alternate biscuit and fruits. It is good for children’s health. This month we bring Ice cream and sweet for children to celebrate Dashain festival and wishing eachother.

                        This month in Nepal big festival Dashain is running. All the Nepalese celebrate fifteen days this festival and all the people join with family members so some women were already went in their village who is living temporally in town. We gave them fifteen days holiday. Women are improving their study all the women and children collected money in our money collected pot. It is positive things of women.

                          Lastly in this month we admitted five children in our Khushi Nent Caltural Center. They are middle class family. They are good children. Ok Maria Bye

Adios, asta loago Chau.

Eureka Pradhan.

Septembrer 2013


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