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Reporters Novienbre 2013

Namaste Maria.

Maria, Hope you have good health. You are fine in Spain. We are fine here as well as all the women and children are also fine.

Maria, In Nepal. Last week Election was coming due to some politic fight, some place got Bomb blast many people and one child was injured. So all the people were very afraid to work in the street; so women was not a regular so we close 4 days in the khushi Nest. After Election all the women and children are coming regularly.

My Math class is going very well all the woman is working hard in their study. Then I took class test and they are improving a lot. Second one is high level Nepali class. It is going very well. I want to give them different knowledge. Coming month they will have examination and after examination I want to give them some newspaper or magazine.

Another class is low math class. Women are of this group is improving a lot in their study. They will have also exam of two months after so they are doing hard work in their study.

All the children are coming regularly now. They are very happy to come in our cultural center. This month they are making different drawing, it means season drawing. Now in Nepal, very cold season is running so children are making winter drawing, what they feel the draw in the paper. It is very nice. This month, I teach them how to make kite. Children was very excited to make kite because in
Nepal; Dashain is the festival of kite which is very important for people. So children were very surprise to learn about it. We gave children biscuits and fruits three times a week.

This month we put ceiling painting. It is very nice to see we send you that picture.

This month we gave order to make stationary (copies). We gave order Nepali, English and Math altogether 1500 pieces copies. It takes some time because due to election all the worker was going their house. It will finish in coming weeks.

We went to see camera of good quality but up to now we are searching for it reasonable price, we will inform you the prices within this month.

At last, thank you and lots of love

Eureka Pradhan.



Namaste Maria.

How are you? Hope everything is going well with you.

In this month Of the November. Winter season has been already started days are getting colder. Classes are starting very goodly and well. From 17th to 21st November due t election, the countries situation is getting worse, strictly, they did strike. They blast bomb. Some children within Kathmandu valley need to suffer, some they lost hand, some they lost face and some whole body damaged. In bus accident many people get injured who are going to village for the election to vote. The time and situation is very bad so we close this day the khushi nest so that women and children could not be harmed. We vote to parties of the countries who will make constitution in good ways for the development of the country and its people. This vote will make win to the political parties’ people who are working for the Nepalese government for making very important constitution for the country.

Our all classes are starting very goodly. In children classes, winter season is running so at the evening time, it will be dark very fast so we send children whose house are far, earlier. Now we have new children also but have not given them sweaters for the winter. Old children who already in the cultural center they are wearing but new children they do not have sweaters. They feel cold as well. So what to do for these new children? We provide them sweater or not?

Maria, the children which we have in the cultural center, all are not fully will be here till the age of 13 years some are going at the middle way. Some children who are coming in the cultural center, they cannot afford copy, pencil etc these things we are giving them as we have but when they carrying bags and dress. They even do not have sweaters and well bags. Bags are damaged. As we have 20 bags in an office which are packed and stock for the children at the completion of 13 years but what for these children now , they do not have bags to put books and copies. Waiting reply from your side.

As winter season is coming near we make children draws/ painting about the winter season to paste it in walls of their classes. They seem to be very happy to do painting.

Now 12 pm of Medium classes final examination is going to be held so after exam, they will get next level book as they will completed one year. After examination, the women who did well; can we give them shawl like before as it is winter season too?

We help to teach the children how to make handmade kite which is very useful with less expensive. I had already sent you pictures, hope you liked it?

We had ordered to make art in the ceiling. I will send you picture of it too.

When children have holidays on the winter vacations, they will go to village with their parents so we decide to give them holidays to children as well as women. What is your opinion for this?

We admitted one new girl in the cultural center, who really needs to come in the khushi nest.
She is very good and honest girl. I will send you her report in coming weeks.

Take care, Maria and Have good time and days. Be happy and big hug. Thanking you for all.

Sadikshya Shrestha 



Namaste Maria,

How are you? I think you are fine and everything is going well in Spain. Wishing for good health and progress to you. I would like to present monthly report for the month November. The first and second shift (11:00 am to 1pm) high level students are progressing their study in better way. They are very happy to get education in Khushi nest. The third shift (1:00pm to 2:00pm) basic level students are progressing their study is also going fine. I am satisfied with their study.

Regarding children evening classes are running very well. Children are very happy playing various games and drawing based on winter season drawing. For the month we train them to make handmade paper kite. They are very excited to learn it. The snaps have been already posted to you. The cultural center remains closed from 17th November to 20th November due to Election. The situation is not so good at that time and classes are not regular.

This month we went to order for the copies for the khushi nest including Math, Nepali and English altogether 1500 pieces. It will finish coming week.

For camera coming month we will send you price of the cameras of good quality in reasonable price.

 Panchabuddha drawing paper has been displayed on ceiling. Hope you like this month activities.

Lastly I wish for you very good health and good time.

Take care and bye…

Thanking you

Shanti Maharjan


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