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Reporters Enero-Febrero 2014

Namaste Maria,

How are you, hope you are well in Spain. First of all we our team want very sorry because last month we has not send you report due to laptop was not working goodly. We are repairing laptop now it is working well.  Another thing is that now in Nepal starting load shedding per day 12hour. We have not light so our report is sending you lately.

Maria, My class is running very well from 10am to 11am Math class student coming regular they finish to learn add, subtract, multiply and divide. Now they starting to learn simplify. They are working very well in their study.

1pm to 2pm, I have been taking High Level Nepali class. Now I bring them “Samajik” book it is social book. It is very knowledge full things like history, society etc.

Third is 2pm to 3pm class. It is also Math class. It is low level Math class. This class student also doing well. They are improving their study but now a day’s some women are not coming regularly because some have to move their room other side and some are sick and some have work in village so they went in their village so altogether 8 women are coming in this group. They are doing very well in their study.

We had visited 4 women house. The names of women are Parbati Giri, Sabitri Adhikari, Kabita Buddhathoki, Maya lama. Some they want to study English, Nepali and Math. Some they do not have good life so by studying they want to make their life better.

Children are coming regularly in the cultural center. Children are working very hard in their study because final terminal examination is coming soon. They give more time in their study. Our child Nimchoki and Pemba is not coming in the khushi nest because of their own family work in their village.

On January we teach children how to make cotton garland. Last time you brought Cotton Garland from Spain. It is very good cotton to learn hand work. Children are doing very well and they were very surprise to make Garland of cotton.

In February we teach children how to make dishes and things of flour by painting and making it attractive, decorative and also useful things. Children are very happy to learn it so that they can make it in their house with less money. They can use it in their house or other as well. They can give gift as well by making different things to each other.


Thank you,

Eureka Pradhan



Namaste Maria,

How are you? You are fine in Spain and everything is going very well. Wishing for good health and progress to you.

After winter vacation we open the classes in khushi nest. I would like to present monthly report for the month of January and February. The first and second shift (11 am to 1pm) high level students final exam has been taken. They are progressing their study in better way. They are very happy to get education in cultural center. The third shift (1pm to 2pm) basic level students are progressing their study is also going fine. So I am satisfied with their study. We are going to admit some new women in this group. So coming month we are going to buy Nepali books of low level.

We went to visit in some new women houses in February which will be posted to you.

In khushi nest due to electricity problem. Women could not see movies so we cannot send you pictures of women seeing movies.

Regarding children evening classes are very well. Children are happily playing games and doing their schools homework. Some children will be admitted to the khushi nest in coming week. reports will be send to you.

In January we train them to make handmade cotton garland. The snaps have been already posted to you. In February we train children how to make dishes and items which is of flour by doing color or painting and making it as show item and useful things. It is not costlier so they can make it in their house as well.


Thanking you,

Shanti Maharjan



Hola Maria, How are you hoping everything is going well and good with you. Take care, Be happy and god blesses you.

On January 2014, we have started the classes after vacation of winter although all women are not arrived for some days. Our classes are going well and properly. Women are studying goodly and improving day by day all the examination which had been taken finished. Women of all groups are doing better than before. They are doing hard labor to learn and reading books as well as on writing. Exam has been taken so now we are going to visit and admit women for new level of group. Low level of Nepali; Math as well as low level of English.

11am to 12pm some women are not coming due to work and some move other place so in this I am going to admit new English group of Basic Level. The women are learning well in this group 12 pm to 1pm Medium English group some student are not regular due to work and illness. Women are studying very goodly and improving than before.

Children classesses are also going very well. They are happy to come in the khushi nest to learn, write, learning hand work and other activities as well. Some small children are not coming due to illness problem; Tenzing Lama, Sarita and Sunita Mallik. On this month, the weather has been cold; the climate is not good so children are going to their house 5/10 minutes earlier as it is going to be dark sooner. So children could reach their house on time early.

Now a day in Nepal, load shedding problem has been starting so every day we have a problem of light. Electricity is not coming for 12 hours. To do work also people is having problem.

We teach the children how to make the garland with pieces of useless clothes. It can be use in anywhere. It attracts and decorates the place as well as things.

On February month, we are visiting some houses of women; if they are uneducated then they can come and study in the khushi nest. So that they can make their life better and improved.

We teach children how to make dishes and things of flour by painting and making it attractive, decorative and also useful things. children are very happy to learn it so that they can make it in their house with less money.

Some women have come to study in the khushi nest; they are very happy to study here. Soon I will send you reports and pictures.

Some children are not coming like Pemba, Nimchoiki and Sanu Magar as their parents gone in village for some work so they need to do all by themselves.

We are going to admit 4/5 children in the khushi nest as they need good environment to study, parents are not educated so they like to have the khushi nest so that they can learn goodly.

For new level of classes, we need to buy books for Math, English and Nepali.


Thanking you, Gracias

Sadikshya Shrestha


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