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Visiting women February 2014

    We go to visit some women of 17 wards to know their condition and to collect their information. So we had gone to visit 4 women house to know the information about their life and towards the education too. So I am writing a list of women with their basic information with pictures. 


 Marzo 2014-001 Marzo 2014

Name:     Parbati Giri

Address: Khusibu

Subject:  Nepali.

     She wants to study Nepali firstly because since child in village she is not studying up to now so now after married and having three children 2 son and 1 daughter, she wants to study Nepali because she is just housewife and not active so she wants to get education and wants to know things, gain knowledge for the daily life in useful ways and if possible she want to go abroad. Her condition is not so good.


 Marzo 2014-002 Marzo 2014-003

Name:    Sabitri Adhikari

Adress:  Khusibu

Subject: English

     She wants to study English. Before she had study 6 month in literacy class in kathmandu but due to work she cannot study but now she wants to continue study. To make her life better. She is house wife. She has 2 children son and daughter. Her life is fine.



 Marzo 2014-004 Marzo 2014-005

Name:     Maya  Lama

Address: Kilagal

Subject:  Nepali

      She wants to study Nepali since childhood she cannot study as school is too far in village. Now she has 7 years son so if she is educated then she can help her son and also she can know many things through education. She is house wife but she did packing pickles. Her life is also not so good.


 Marzo 2014-008 Marzo 2014-007

Name:     Kabita Budathoki

Address: Tengal

Subject:  Nepali

      She wants to study Nepali since childhood she cannot study. She want to study to help her 2 daughter and can do work better. She wants to learn many things. She is house wife but she do some work and earn little money. Her condition is good. 

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