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Reporters Marzo - Abril 2014

Namaste Maria,

First of all we are happy to know about your safely reach to Barcelona. Wishing your good health and progress I would like to present report for the months March and April 2014 AD.

Class Activities

The following are class activities of my class.

  1. The basic level nepali women class is running well. Few new women are going to be added in this level.
  2. The first and second shift high level nepali women class is running well.

Home Visit

The following are home visit activities.

  1. Total three houses are visited for new admission in basic level women class.
  2. All the women found to be uneducated and poor in financial condition.

Art, Craft and Other Activities

The following are art and craft activities for the months.

  1. Women are trained to make national flag.
  2. They are trained to recite poem and sing national anthem.

Anniversary Activities

The following are the anniversary activities

  1. 3rd anniversary has been celebrated on 12th April 2014.
  2. The photos have been already posted.
  3. Various children games have been conducted on the occasion of 3rd anniversary.
  4. Various functions have been conducted like certificate distribution, music and dance of women and children, photo exhibition and formal speech by founder, chair person, lawyer and teachers.
  5. Farewell has been done to Akchhitta Mittal and Pemba Sherpa on the occasion of 3rd anniversary by providing them bag, scarf and certificate.
  6. Some money collected on piggy bank to uplift the widow, which is very positive activity.

Other Activities

  1. This time Maria taught a beautiful song to women, teachers and children.
  2. Some new children have been admitted for evening coaching class.

Thank you


Shanti Maharjan

Kathmandu, Nepal




Namaste Maria.

                How are you Maria? Hope everything is going good. First of all I want to wish you many Happy New Year 2071. This new year bring you good health and happy life.

Maria, this time. I write you report by points and I am writing report including March and April.

About Women

  1. 10 to 11am Math class is going good in May 1st we finish 1st level and starting 2nd level.
  2. 1to 2 pm class is also going good they study social they are improving their study.
  3. Last one is 2 to 3pm low math class, they also improving their study.
  4. During this time we had visiting three women in 17 ward. They are uneducated so they join low level math, English class and Nepali class.
  5. In April 12th we celebrated 3rd anniversary program and we make program with women and children.
  6. This time we teach how to make our national flag with decorated by color and also we teach them poem and National Anthem by dance.
  7. We distribute certificates by their level.
  8. This month you came as our founder of the khushi nest cultural center and we work many things together.
  9. Certificates also have been given to the teachers with their levels in the khushi nest with women.

About children

Children are doing well in our khushi nest cultural center. They are coming regularly and they are learning many things here. This month we teach them many activities.

  1. We teach them drawing and how to make flower with different color's paper.
  2. For anniversary program we make competition of many games like: Badminton, Parachis, Chess, Ring, Spellex, Oca, Damas, Skipping and Error pictures.
  3. These games that was the winner we distribute prize for children.
  4. This time we teachers as well as children took pictures of good things, natural view and places as well as scene etc by cameras which help to work in camera and also make them good in it.
  5. Teachers and children made in Black chart paper filling with water color and pasting pictures which look like forest. It is very attractive.
  6. Our founder Maria, teach us one song to teachers and all the children. We all sing a songs in Anniversary it is very nice.
  7. In this Anniversary program we say good bye for Akchhitta Mittal, Pemba Sherpa. At that time we gave present bag, we gave the certificates.
  8. In April, we admitted some children. They are Samir Diwali, Rakshya Diwali, Anjali Das, Amita Das, Manjil Shrestha and Krrish and Sameer had already admitted in the khushi nest.
  9. We give children biscuits and fruits. They are very happy to get it.

At last thank you very much for helping Nepalese children and women.

Eureka Pradhan

30th April 2014



Namaste Maria,

        How are you? Hope everything is fine with you. We have done many activities in March for the Anniversary in April.


1.     We have visited 3 women house in ward 17 so that whether they are educated or not; if they are not educated then they can come to study in the khushi nest.

2.     We teach them to make Flag of Nepali with pencil and Crayon color beautifully in attractive way.

3.     We teach women to recite poem with their course book and National Anthem by dancing.

4.     Offering the women certificates completing their levels in 3/2/1 years and providing certificates to teachers as well.

5.     We admitted some women in the khushi nest who are eager to study in the khushi nest to make their life better and good way. Hope you had received reports and pictures of women which I had sent you, later I will send some other as I do not have their pictures now.

6.     Coming week, there will be going to open new English Level group of basic so now we are collecting women for this group.

7.     For handicraft to teach women who have completed 3 years, we need to take training classes for this, we need to do meeting in the khushi nest.

8.     Women are very happy to be in Anniversary program to receive certificates, to give speech, to write number in piece of Paper and to do all activities in the Program.

9.     Like before all classes of Women are running well and they are doing hard labor to study. Some women are sincere and honest. They have co-operative to each other and helpful.

10.                       Teachers are very happy to see the improvement done by women.


1.     We teach them Painting in Plain Paper so they drew nice and good pictures.

2.      We teach them making different color paper flowers in different style which is useful, attractive and good decoration to put in rooms or anywhere.

3.     We do many Game competitions for the Anniversary like Chess competition, Parachis Competition, Badminton Competition, Ring Competition, Spellex competition, Oca Competition, Damas competition, Erros pictures competition, Skipping competition, Drawing competition, Photos completion.

4.     We offer certificates to children who has own game competition in 1st position. They are very glad to receive it.

5.     Children as well as Teachers took pictures of Temples, natural scenes, beautiful things, and other various nice places which build the ideas of children in pictures and it encourages them.

6.     Teachers and children made in black chart paper filling with water color and pasting pictures which look like forest. It had been so well and attractive.

7.     We teach children dance for the anniversary program.

8.     Maria teaches children and teachers a very beautiful song for the anniversary program.

9.     In anniversary, Akchhitta Mittal and Pemba Sherpa had been done Good bye. They receive Bag, Scaff of the khushi nest and certificates with cover.

10.                       Some new children had been admitted in the khushi nest like: Samir Diwali, Rakshya Diwali, Milan Nepali, Anjali Das, Amita Das, Manjil Shrestha. Except two all reports and pictures had been sending to you. Hope you had received it.

11.                       Before sameer and krish had been admitted in the khushi nest but now they are coming regularly in the khushi nest.

Sadikshya Shrestha

30th April 2014

Thank you, Take care

Se felit. Adios

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