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Reporters Mayo 2014

Namaste Maria.                                                                                               Date: 1st June 2014

How are you? I hope everything is going good with you and also although late I wish you Happy Birthday to You.

Women report of May

1.       In this May Month, 10 am to 11am high level math, women are coming regularly and they are studying goodly.

2.       They are provided High level Math books.

3.       They are very happy to get it and they are doing hard works.

4.       1pm to 2pm social studies class, women are provided new high level book, they are very happy to get it and they are doing hard labour to study as well as they are learning magazines. They are also playing games in this group like general knowledge which grown up their mind as well as get more knowledge.

5.       They are eager to learn it very seriously as it is useful for their daily life and they are interested to learn more.

6.       2pm to 3pm low level math class, some new women had been admitted and all are studying very sincerely and hard work; more women are coming regularly and they are improving day by day and eager to learn more.

7.       We had admitted some women in Nepali, English, Math and in Social class.

8.       We show the pictures movie of Spain to women and they are very happy to see them.

Children reports of May

1.       We had admitted two children; they are very shy, sincere and good girls. They are from middle class family and they follow muslim religion so they are very simple.

2.       In this month, we taught children about paintings; singing group songs; hand work of making Egg crade to a beautiful frame which is very useful as a gift or to keep in home as show piece. It is less costly and easy to make.

3.       To learn the handmade work children are very happy to learn it as they can do it in their house to use it or they can give to other as present.

4.       Children are very happy to come in the khushi nest as they are spending good time with teachers and its environment so they are eager to learn more things and they are very cooperative with each other.

5.       Children are learning dance alternatively as we do not have light which make us problem so by this we could not show to children movie.

6.       New children parents are very happy with us because they can come and learn many things through here so they are grateful to you.

7.       Children are provided fruits and biscuits thrice a week.

8.       Thanks for support and help us.

Love you Maria,

Eureka Pradhan……



Hola Maria, How are you? Hope everything is going well and fine with you. Have good time and days ahead.  I am sending you reports of May having different activities of Women and children.


1.     We had admitted some women in English, Math, Nepali and Social class, the reports already had been send to you.

2.     We show movie pictures which you brought from the Spain.

3.     They are coming to study regularly in each class.

4.     From 10 am to 11am, I am running new English basic level group.

5.     11am to 12pm English Basic level group is going well.

6.     12pm to 1pm Medium level English group is also running goodly.

7.     They are eager to study and learn again more better.

8.     They are doing hard work and sincere to study.

9.     They are happy to come to study here.


1.     We had admitted two children in the khushi nest cultural center whose really need the khushi nest environment.

2.     We taught them handwork about making Egg Crade frame.

3.     They are very happy to learn it and help each other.

4.     They are coming regularly and studying better than before.

5.     They are playing games, studying books and doing paintings.

6.     In evening time, there is no light so we are not able to show movies to children but coming time we will try to show them by managing time.

7.     They are happy to come in the khushi nest and gain many ideas, activities and knowledge which helps to build up their intellectual and grown up mind.

8.     They are very happy to come here and spend time in the khushi nest.

9.     They are getting fruit and biscuits thrice a week.

Thank you and Take care

Sadikshya Shrestha, 1st june 2014




Namaste Maria, 

            Wish you for  fit, fine,  good health and progress. Again, I wish you be lated Happy Birthday to you. I have done following activities in the month May.

Women activities:

1.    Some new students have been admitted in high level Nepali class. The snaps and reports have 

      been already posted to you.

2.    The first shift 11:00 am to 12:00 pm high level Nepali students are given high level books. They  

      are progressing their study in better way and very happy to get new knowledge from new book.

3.    The second shift 12:00pm to1:00 pm medium level Nepali students are progressing their study. 

     They are very happy to get education platform like Khushinest.

4.    At third shift, 1:pm to 2:pm basic level, some new students in Nepali subject have been 

     admitted. Books have been distributed to new students.

5.    All classes of women are running well and they are doing hard work in study. They are 

     co-operative to each other and helpful.

Children activities:

1.    Regarding children, evening classes are running very well. Children are happily playing games 

     and doing their school’s homework.

2.    Two new children have been admitted in Khushinest. All reports and pictures had been sent to 


3.    For the month we train them handwork about making egg crade frame.

    Hope you like May month activities. Lastly, I wish you very good health and good time.    

Thank you.


Shanti Maharjan


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