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Reporters Octubre 2014

Hola Maria. How are you? Hope you are fine there. In October month, we did many activities as there are Dashain and Tihar festivals.

  • From 1st of October to 7th of October, there is Dashain festival. The Khushi Nest is closed during Dashain time and after Dashain festival you came and we are glad to see you for your surprise.

  • From 21st to 25th there is Tihar festival. We celebrated very happily and entertainingly.

  • Women put tika to Founder Maria, take and give blessings to each other; Gave handmade cards in occasion of Tihar festivals.

  • Women put some money in the money box.

  • Due to festivals; women are not coming regularly in The Khushi Nest. Women are few so we all handle them. They are learning goodly.

  • Founder Maria, Brings many activities like Table Tennis, Bubbles, Basket ball for the kids to play, they seems so happy to play it.

  • Founder Maria and we together went to buy many varieties of flowers soil and buckets to put them outside of the window of The Khushi Nest which seems so beautiful and attractive by grilling the iron strongly. We are very grateful to her. Women and children like it very much.

  • Arranging the pictures in the Photo Album of women and children seems so good in the classes.

  • Children are making paintings color and other colors for autumn season in the class rooms; learning handmade card with paper flower for Tihar festival.

  • Painting the white color remaining part of the white board wall.

  • Admission of Small kid Niruta and two women name Shanti Thami and Tara Kumari Tamang in Nepali class.

  • Maria made cupboard, basket ball board which makes so comfort for the children and teachers.

  • On Tihar, we made outside of The Khushi Nest colorful rangoli with Children and Founder Maria as well with many candles in the windows, it seems so bright and beautiful; we are happy to see and feel it.

  • We gave sweets fruits and biscuits to all children.

  • Founder Maria brought pessebre for the Christmas; she arrange it so well which looks beautiful and attractive, she discuss about it with us ;we can see Jesus Christ parents, 3 kings and people bringing present for the child while his birth. It's so good and amazing, we are very happy to see it as well as kids and women too. Thank you for showing us.

  • We took some days of Spanish Class and knew the words and phrases with Maria.

  • Thank you for bringing watches for us. It's very nice.

  • Founder Maria, knits maflar to all the kids and gave them the color they like in occasion of Tihar festival. They are happy to receive it.

  • Founder Maria bring New ideas of making Mount Everest where children need to do good and best things in The Khushi Nest so in this month Three children climbs in the mountain step for doing the good work i.e Nimchoiki and Anish helps to carry things and pessebre, Kristina and Krrish helps to clean floor and streets. It is very useful for the children. Thank You.

  • Arranging ceiling fan for the English classes which make women comfort in study.

  • Bringing the puzzle of the important thing of the world, we are trying to arrange it.

Thanking you so much for all your support help and for everything…

Take care, miss you and Amigo…


Sadikshya Shrestha…….


Namaste Maria. How are you? Hope you reach there goodly and nicely. Have good health and stay safely.

  1. In October month, Our Founder Maria has come. She did very good changes which is important for The Khushi Nest so we are grateful to it. She gives many ideas to us so we are very happy. Thank you from the Women and Children.

  2. Since we had Dashain festival many women are busy but also our classes are going well, we are teaching them goodly.

  3. We admitted two women in Nepali group their name are Shanti Thami and Tara Kumari Tamang.

  4. For the Tihar festival, women put Tika and take blessings with Founder Maria and we teachers. They had good time.

  5. Maria, taught many tales for women which are useful and important. They are very happy and thankful

  6. Women watch the Email which brought From Spain by Maria, they look up to 1st disc of 1- 14 number; they are very happy to look the various things of the world which grows their ideas and mind.

Many types of changes in The Khushi Nest

  • We put many kinds of flowers outside of the windows; while we look we feel very good and nice. It influence good environment for us.

  • Maria brought pessebre for the Christmas; she teaches us about it, we had discussed with children and the women. All are very happy to watch it.

  • In this October month, we celebrated Tihar festivals making rangoli with children, lighting candles in the windows and doors, children took delicious sweets, fruit and biscuits.

  • Maria gave maflar to the children which had been knits by herself which they like; children are very happy to receive it.

  • We teach handwork for the children of making cards for the Tihar Festivals and Christmas.

  • I taught to the children how to make paper birds and aeroplane; children are very happy to learn it.

  • Children practice and make paintings by many crayon colors and wax colors, they drew picture very well.

  • We admitted one girl name Niruta she is very small and honest girl.

  • We make Mountain Sagarmatha for the children for the good and nice things; they could climb when they do good work.

  • Kristina, Krrish helps to clean floor and street. Nimchoiki and Anish help to carry pessebre and things so they are able to put their name in the Mountain.

  • Children play bubbles game with Maria and Teachers; they are very happy to play it.

  • Thank you for increasing the salary and bringing the watches.

  • Maria made board for the basket ball so that children could play as well as the table tennis net.

  • Maria made in the office room steps cupboard which can be useful for keeping things.

  • Maria Bring speakers and Mp3 player which are useful for the Children and Teachers.

  • Flute man is coming every Sunday during this Month to teach flute for the children. They are improving it and happy with it.

Thank you very much for everything

Take care and Miss You

Eureka Pradhan


Namaste Maria!

Wish you for good health and happy. Here I would like to start my report for the month October 2014.

I would like to present the following points.

Women activities:

  • Two women have been admitted in lower level Nepali class. (The details mailed you by Sadikshya)
  1. The first shift 11:00 am to 12:00 pm high level Nepali students progressing their study in better way.
  2. The second shift 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm medium level students also progressing and class test has been taken.
  3. The third shift 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm basic level students is working hard so as to know basic words, sentences of language.

Children activities:

1.      One new student has been admitted. (The details mailed you by Sadikshya)

2.      Children evening class is running smoothly.

3.      Children are focused on their home work and extra activities.

4.      As extra activities class they are given dance, music, painting and creative writing.

5.      The children celebrated "Tihar-Deepawali-The festival of Light", with rangoli and lights.

6.      The founder Maria Villalba Badia showed "The Christmas Pessebre and Christmas tree"- a memorable event to The Khushi Nest.

7.      Flutist teaches flute for the month. The children are learning fingering with notation.

8.      The founder Maria Villalba Badia trained to make hand made greeting cards for Tihar.

Lastly, The month was fruitful as the founder Maria Villalba Badia was with us. Sorry for delay because of my sickness. I was suffered from anemia.


Shanti Maharjan

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