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Reporters Noviembre 2014

Namaste Maria.

How are you? I hope you are fine and fit and everything is going well for good health and progress to you. We have done many activities in the month November.

Shanti's women activities:

  1. The first shift 11:00 am to 12:00pm High level Nepali Students progressing their study in better way. They are very happy to get education in The Khushi Nest. They are doing hard work in study. They are co-operative to each other and Helpful.

  2. The Second shift 12:00pm to 1:00pm Medium level Nepali Students are progressing their study. They are working hard. They are very interested to read and write any kind of story book. So, I am very satisfied with their study.

  3. The Third shift 1:00pm to 2:00pm Basic level New Nepali students are improving their study in going well. They are also interested and doing hard work.

Eureka's women activities:

  1. The first shift (10:00am to 11:00am) High level Math students are progressing their study. They are very interested in Math subject. Next month, Eureka taking Math Exam.

  2. The second shift (1:00pm to 2:00pm) Social study students are improving their study in better way. They are interested to read and write book and any kind of very satisfy with their study.

  3. The third shift (2:00pm to 3:00pm) Basic level Math students are going very well. They are interested and doing hard work. She is very satisfied with their study.

Sadikshya's women activities:

  1. The first shift (10:00am to 11:00am) Basic level English students are progressing their study. They are learning very well. They are able to read and write very goodly. If needed then she will also take class test exam.

  2. The second shift (11:00am to 12:00pm) Medium level English students are progressing much more than before. They are learning paragraph and many other things. She is very happy to see it.

  3. The third shift (12:00pm to 1:00pm) High level English students are progressing much more than before. They can write by listening words or sentence. Coming time, they could learn magazines and Newspaper as well. She is very satisfy and happy for them.

Every Friday women are watching emails which you brought from Spain as In Disc 1 there are many numbers to watch so we had finished up to no. 15.

Hope you like this month activities. Lastly, I wish you very good health and good time.

Take care and Bye.

Thanking you.

Shanti Maharjan.



Namaste Maria. How are you? Hope everything is fine with you. Wishes your good health and prosperity. In this month we are going to send you reports in different ways because we had done many activities so we three teachers send you different types.

Children's activities

  1. In this month, I taught to children how to draw pictures; also they are learning 3 days drawing classes if needed to learn painting which helps them to improve drawing and painting.

  2. In this month I taught to children to draw on money pot beautiful flowers. They made nicely. The pictures had been already sent to you.

  3. In this month, each day of week we make the children to play different types of games. Before playing games, 30 minutes we discuss about each games. If could not play properly or do not know how to play then they help each other as a team.

  4. In this month, On Mount Everest We put name of Rakshya Diwali and Manish Pandey in Step because they help to make many paper birds and other activities too.

  5. In this month, for handwork we taught to children from the book which you had brought from Spain making in paper plate with many colorful flower frames for Christmas. Children made together helping very nice and beautiful frames and pictures as we can hang too. They are very happy to learn it.

  6. On Friday, Children are learning dance class.

  7. We are giving 6 times a week fruits and biscuits.

  8. For Christmas, wish you a Merry Christmas, good health and prosperity. Take care

Love you Maria.

Thank you

Eureka Pradhan.



Hola Maria? How are you? Hope everything is well and fine with you. In this month, we had done many activities. Hope Shanti had sent you all women's activities and Eureka had sent you children's activities. This time we send you report in different ways with many activities.


  1. For candles, incense and pickles we talk with women who are coming to study here, she knows a lady who teaches us so In middle of this month hope she will teaches us pickles, as it is winter season so learning pickle is useful. So whatever things we need for making pickles we will inform you. Then after that we will learn Candle and incense as well.

  2. We have only one bundle of Nepali copy, we are using it and another we do not have so we need to order altogether 6 bundles of copy for each. We need to order now 6 Bundles of Nepali copy, Drawing copy 5 bundles as we have 1 bundle, Math 4 bundles as we have 2 bundles, English 4 bundles as we have 2 bundles. One bundle has 100 pieces of copy. We are thinking in the backside of drawing copy; Eureka drew the picture of women going to The Khushi Nest which is very knowledgetive and encourages the interest for the education for women. I will send you the picture. If you like then we will decide to put the picture in backward of the Drawing Copy.

  3. For Christmas, we are going to do for women and children in big chart paper different small pictures and colors with their imaginations, ideas and interest. I will send you pictures of it with women and children. For children they will make for you picture for Christmas individually.

  4. We will save the Christmas tree until the 9th January and after that we will save tree and bucket.

  5. Sita Deuja women whom you ask to make hat for 3 of us; we will also learn to knit hat. We need wool with Red, Black, Yellow and White colors. We need to buy wool in good Quality which is warm for winter season.

  6. We are making lots and lots of colorful paper birds to hang in the class for the Christmas

  7. Christmas is coming near so children had learned the handmade paper plate frame colorful paper flower with face of Santa clause in Occasion of the Christmas.

  8. On Sunday, children are learning the flute. Monday, I am taking the English learning Classes for children if needed teachers too. Tuesday, children are learning the drawing class from Eureka. Wednesday, children are playing games. Thursday, making Handwork. Friday, movie class/Dance class/ Tales class. Hope you like Our Daily activities.

  9. We are trying to make puzzle as you know it's difficult to arrange.

  10. Now a day's Electricity is giving us very problem whole day we could not have often light; heater has not also been used.

  11. In half of December month, we are going to visit women house for the education of women.

  12. Women and Children are very happy to come in The khushi Nest and we are very happy for them as well. All wishes You Merry Christmas 2014. Have good time, good Health and always be happy (Se Felit).

Take care and lots of love. Adios

Thanking you, (Gracias)

Sadikshya Shrestha

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