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Reporters Diciembre 2014

  Hola Maria,

                        First of all, I feel blessed to receive your birthday message. Thank you very much for your wish on my birthday. Also like to say Happy New Year 2015. May new year 2015 brings more energy, creative ideas and effort to make Khushi Nest a best place for learning. I would like to present monthly report for the month December.

Shanti’s Women Activities:

  1. The first shift (11:00am to12:00pm) high level Nepali students are more improving their study in better way. They are co-operative to each other and helpful. They are sharing ideas each other. They are very happy to make drawing related to Christmas and to exchange the culture. The Christmas snaps have been already posted to you.

  2. The second shift ( 12:00 pm to 1:00pm) medium level Nepali subject students are progressing their study. Their examination is going to be held on January.

  3. The third shift (1:00 pm to 2:00 pm ) basic level Nepali subject students is going very well. They are interested and doing hard work. Basic level Nepali students class-test has been taken and their result is satisfactory.

Eureka’s Women Activities:

  1. The first level (10:001m to 11:00am) high level math students are progressing their study. They are interested and doing hard work. High level math student’s class-test has been taken and they are good in result.

  2. The second level (1:00 pm to 2:00pm) social students are progressing their study. The second shift social student’s class test has been taken and their result is good.

  3. The third level and basic level (2:00 pm to 3:00 pm) math students are improving their study in better way. They are progressing their study rapidly. Women are proud to be literate them self. The third shift math student’s class-test has been taken and result process is going on.

Sadikshya’s Women Activities:

  1. The first shift (10:00am to 11:00am) high level English students are more improving their study. They are talking in English .They are very happy to get education in Khushinest. The first shift high level English students examination is going may be on this month.

  2. The second shift(11:00am to 12:00pm) medium level English students are improving their study in better way. They are working hard. They are interested and doing their work.

  3. The third shift (12:00pm to 1:00pm) basic level English students’ study is going well. They are very interested to read and write. So I am satisfied with their study.

Hope you like this month activities.

Lastly, I wish you very good health and good time.

Your faithfully,

Shanti Maharjan



Hola Maria.

How are you? Hope everything is well and good with you. Wish you a very Happy New year 2015 may your all wishes, hopes and dreams come true. May this New Year bring good health, happiness, prosperity, success and progress in your life. To talk about the report of December last month of 2014, We have done many activities during this month as there are Christmas and New Year.

  1. We made many paper birds to hang in the classess with balloons at the Christmas day.

  2. We made table cover with colorful papers flowers for the Christmas.

  3. We put the name of Kristina Thapa and Samir Diwali at the Mount Everest as they are perfect to put color in painting than other children.

  4. Weekly activities are going very well. Flute teacher is coming every Sunday; we put name of big children those who are interested to learn flute; they are learning very well. English class is also going weekly goodly, children are learning and improving their study and in practice too. Children are doing progress and improving in Drawing class as well with Eureka. They are learning handwork very goodly and interestingly. They are learning dance class too and other. They are very happy with every activities of The Khushi Nest. They are learning newly activities which help to develop their mind, intellect and build up the idea which is very knowledgetive.

  5. Women also draw many pictures for Christmas for you and all wishes You Merry Christmas and New Year. Three Nepali groups, two math groups and one social group examination had been taken which had been gone very good. Women are doing improvement and progress than before. English classes are also going very well. All women are very happy to come and study in The Khushi Nest.

  6. This month December and January are very cold month, no light, raining a lot now a days so we decided to give women one week Winter vacation Holidays as some children has also finish their examination they have two weeks holidays in their schools so they will go to their village to spend holidays.

  7. For Christmas, Children draw very nice and beautiful pictures as they are learning very nicely painiting in Drawing Classes. All pictures had been sent to you. Can we put these all pictures in wall of Classrooms?

  8. We celebrate Christmas with all children. They are very happy to celebrate Christmas with cake, bread chocolate jam, Juice, biscuits, Dalmot and fruit as well. Children perform Dance, Sang songs. They are enjoying Day with happiness and helping each other with teachers as well.

  9. This month; we have one new children name Rojita Bhujel and one Women name Nagina Reshmi Magar.

  10. Like always we are giving biscuits and Fruits for children thrice a week. Children as well as Women are very happy to come in The Khushi Nest to spend their time and could learn many more useful, good things. All are very grateful to You (Maria).

Thanking you, lots of Love

Be happy and take care

Sadikshya Shrestha



Namaste Maria. Sweet remembering. Firstly, I would like to wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Hope it will brings success in every steps of your life, wishes and dreams come true, have prosperous and healthy.

In this month, we have done many activities

  1. I take every children drawing class. They are also interested to learn in drawing class. In this month there is Christmas so I made them all to draw drawing for Christmas. They are improving in doing color and painting. They will do much better in coming time.

  2. For the occasion of Christmas, Children learn how to make table cover with various colorful paper flowers decoratively and attractive. While making all this children are very happy to learn it. Hope pictures already had been sent to you.

  3. For handwork, I teach with help of Teachers to children making handmade paper roller with thick stand to put something like pencil or pen or we can put Napkin too. It is very useful for children and they seem to be very happy.

  4. In Mount Everest, Children Samir Diwali and Kristina Thapa had put their name because they have good concept in doing coloring the painting comparing than other. They are happy.

  5. In this month, children played some games as they have examinations so mostly they gave time in study.

  6. We decorated in rooms birds hanging in rope and balloons for Christmas. The rooms seem so beautiful and attractive to look. We had taken pictures also. Like always we celebrate Christmas with children with cake, biscuits, chocolate jam with breads, Juice and fruit. They are very much happy to celebrate with all Good bye children as well. They perform many dance, songs etc. They are enjoying very much.

Hope you like this month report. Thank you.

Eureka Pradhan


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