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Reporters Julio 2015

Namaste Maria.  (Eureka Pradhan 1st August 2015 )

First of all. I am very happy because our founder Maria Villalba Badia came to visit us.

 - This year in Nepal came big earthquake due to earthquake, it destroyed many houses here. 

 - Our Khushi Nest Cultural Center has been also damaged by earthquake on 25th April 2015.

 - We have to stop from 25th April up to now because we could not continue due to damage.

 - On July we called all the women and children to say good bye, at that time we distribute some sweets and juice for them.

 - We have been collecting some money from women and teachers when we have festivals and happy moments for widow.

 - On July, we gave that money to Putali from Sita Paila due to her condition we helped her.

 - Our founder Maria Villalba Badia wants to open orphanage home due to the condition of Nepal. As well as we need one house for moved our Khushi Nest.

 - We have been searching many places for our Khushi Nest but due to destroyed house we have difficult to found the house.

 - This week, we found one house in Chamati and it is very nice house.

 - Now a days in Nepal, Government did not give permission to open new orphanage home so we wait when will it start and then process it.

Thanking you,

Eureka Pradhan

1st August 2015 


Hola, Namaste Maria.  (Sadikshya Shrestha 1st August 2015)

How are you? Hope everything is good, healthy, happy and well with you. Firstly, I am so happy to see you back in Nepal after earthquake. We feel so warm and comfort to meet you.

 - After you came back, we are in process to shift the room as due to earthquake The Khushi Nest building had been cracked and could not stay there anymore.

 - We did good bye Programme for women and children. They seem so happy to meet all of teachers, founder Maria, friends to be safe and alive.

 - We are in process to search the good and nice house for Orphan home and finally we had found it in Chamati area. It is very comfortable, good atmosphere and architecture house.

 - Now, we are learning driving. This opportunity has been given by founder Maria to have freedom and to be self dependent and ability. We are grateful to her for it.

 - Before, we had collected some money from women and teachers in festivals and good moments. This money we had given to a widow who really need it. She lives alone and her name is Putali; She is from Sita Paila near Swayambu.

 - Now, after finding the house we could not start Orphan home as the Government has not give permission for it unless we have permission information we will continue The Khushi Nest Cultural Center with women and children.

 - We are going to visit the houses as now we are going to start in ward 15 to improve it and educate it. Hope we will do our best for it.

 - We are very excited to run in ward 15 with new women and children if it’s possible.

 - We are also planning and being prepare for orphan home.

 - Hope we could do our best. Thanking you for your help and support founder Maria.

Yours sincerely,

Sadikshya Shrestha

1st August 2015( Happy Friendship Day)


Namaste Maria, Shanti Maharjan (1st August 2015)

          First of all, I am very thankful to you for you continuous support.  I prey the god for healthy life and happiness. We are happy to welcome back you at Kathmandu. Also thankful for caring us and our organization "The Khushi Nest".

          As we know that earthquake also effect Khushi Nest though the office materials and furniture are safe.

Former children and women has been farewelled. During farewell children and women feel very sad. Even some children and women got running eyes. Hope some of them will join again in new place with new environment.

         We could not run The Khushi Nest Culture Center as the building got damaged. The activities of  Khushi Nest has stopped for three months. The office materials and furniture has been shifted to Hotel temporary for more safety. Now we found new building for the Khushi Nest at Chamati, a ten minutes walking distance from old place.

The founder Maria Villalba Badia let us to train car driving during this leisure period. We staffs regularly learning to drive car. We are thankful to Maria for her motivation to us. Hope The Khushi Nest Culture Center will run soon in new place at Chamati.

Thank you 

Shanti Maharjan (1st August 2015)


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