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Reporters Agosto 2015

Namaste Maria.

Maria, we are very happy to work with you. This month we did may change in our Khushi Nest Cultural Center.

Now a day in Nepal our government did not give permission to open new orphan house for any organization so we decided to run our Khushi Nest like same before.

1.     On 22nd August 2015 we had meeting with our Founder Maria,, Lawyer, teachers and all board members.

2.     We talk about our Cultural center with our members.

3.     On 26th August 2015 we called all the women for starting our women literacy class. They visit our Khushi Nest.

4.     On 28th August 2015 we called all the children of our Khushi Nest Cultural Center. Children are very happy to start their class. We bring biscuits and juice for them.

5.     We admitted new 4 children. They are from Chamati area.

6.     This month we clean the entire house and we paint the entire door cupboard etc.

7.     We clean kitchen, toilet and all the rooms.

8.     On 28th august we visited children and we admitted 3 children.

9.     This month, according to government rules we have to make progress report of our Khushi Nest Cultural Center so I got responsibilities of this report so I made it and I gave to lawyer.

Thank you.

1st September 2015

Eureka Pradhan

 Hola Maria.

I am sending you report of August of the activities we have done in the Khushi Nest at new house which lies on 15 ward name Chamati. We are very happy that you are here with us and helping to do many works and supporting us. Hope you are happy with us and feeling good.

1.      We clean all over the houses, rooms, painted doors and cupboards; wash all the curtains of the windows and doors to make house clean and beautiful.

2.      We had a general meeting of The Khushi Nest Cultural Center so we invited all the members, lawyer and we are also there at the meeting Founder and teachers too. There we discuss about the work we are doing in the Cultural center with kids and the women about its progress and annual activities.

3.      Eureka needs to make progress report of The Khushi Nest and need to submit to Lawyer.

4.      We gather meeting with our old women who had been learning with us to give information about new place and about the literacy classes so that when classes will start we can inform them and they will come. We offer them juice.

5.      We gather meeting for kids too as we are going to admit all girls so Eureka and Shanti visit some houses for the kids; old kids also bring some girls to make learn in The cultural Center. Children have biscuits and juice.

6.      We will visit the houses for the women and the kids.

7.      Our Driving class is going well. We are having theory and practical knowledge.

8.      We are very happy to work I new house Khushi Nest and to be part of it.

9.      We will do our best to improve and progress The Khushi Nest and try to give good education and knowledge.

10.  Since two days we have started the children class and they seem very happy to be in The cultural center.

Hope you like My August report, thanking you

Sadikshya Shrestha

2nd September 2015

             Hola Maria,

                        Wish you for good health and progress. I feel blessed to be with you and to perform my job at Khushi Nest. For the whole month we become busy at new building and preparing it for classes to children and women. Thought our aim to operate orphanage house but due to earthquake, government of Nepal has temporary pause the licensing process. We are almost in ready position to operate orphanage house.

            We did following activities in the month August 2015.

a.     All the furniture and fixtures and been transported to new Khushi Nest building.

b.    Some additional renovation works like fitting of bar to top floor, coloring the doors and windows and racks has been done.

c.     Cleaning and washing the whole new building has been done.

d.    Laundering the curtains has been done.

e.     Furniture has been managed with the help of carpenter.

f.Proper water supply has been made with the help of plumber.

g.    A small basin has been installed at top floor.

h.     A meeting with children has been conducted.

i. A meeting with women has been conducted.

j. Tuition class of children has resumed since last week of August.

k.     The most important meeting of the year-Annual General Meeting has been conducted in present of Founder Maria Villalba Badia and Board member of Khushi Nest.

Hope you like this month activities.

Lastly, I wish you very good health and good time.

            Take care and bye.

                        Thanking you.

                        Shanti Maharjan

                        2nd September 2015


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