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Reporters Septiembre 2015

Namaste Maria. We are fine here. Hope you reach Spain safely and hope your prosperity and progress.

Women report:-

    • In this month we work by inviting women old and again new also about giving information about classes.
    • Women are very happy and to teach them we feel so happy too.
    • In this month, we go to visit places; houses, tole, shops etc about the study in The Khushi Nest.
    •  In this month we admitted 8 new women, they are very happy to coming here to study.
    • For new and other women we are managing time which they can free to study goodly in different subjects
    • Old and New women did Goodbye program to our founder Maria by putting Tika, at that time we gave them Juice and Fruits.
    • We are going for visiting and doing classes too.


Children report:-

    • In this month we start children class.
    • We did visiting and household work so at that time our founder Maria help taking children classes.
    • Including old and new children Maria make children painting and teach about fitting paper patch.
    • Children played various games like badminton, chess, ring, puzzle, etc.
    • Next month we are going to teach greeting card for dashain festival.
    • Children did Goodbye program to Maria by putting Tika.


Thank You.

Eureka Pradhan

2nd October 2015


 Namaste Maria.

How are you? Hope you are fit and fine in Spain. Wishing for good health and progress to you. Hope you reach in Barcelona Safely. As for the report for the month of September, I would like the present following points.

We have done many activities in the month September. We clean the stairs, walls, and toilet. We visit 8, 9, 10,11,14,17 September ward in women. Again 23, 24,25,27 and 28 women visit.

Women activities

    • We had admitted 8 new women in Nepali classes.
    • The snaps and reports will be posted to you.
    • All the Nepali students are very much happy to get free education in new Khushi Nest.
    • They are very interested to read and write. They are progressing their study is going well.
    • New and including old women we are doing teaching work goodly and sincerely.
    • Old and New women did program to say Goodbye to Maria, at time we gave them juice and fruits.
    •        Children Activities
    • Regarding children evening classes are running smoothly. Children are happily planning games and doing their school’s home works.
    • Due to our visit of women and household work our founder Maria took children classes.
    • Children including new and old children they did painting and made patch of Paper.
    • Next month, we teach children how to make greetings card for Dashain.
    • Children did Goodbye to Maria by putting Tika.


Hope you like our this month activities. Lastly, I wish you very good health and good time.

Take care and bye.

Thanking you

Shanti Maharjan

2nd October 2015.


Hola Maria. Hope everything is going fine and well with you. Hope you enjoyed new Khushi Nest very much and our work too. Hope you are happy with our work. 

    1. We did many activities and work in new Khushi Nest like cleaning all rooms, painting, etc.
    2. We manage the rooms for classrooms.
    3. We gather meeting for women in new Khushi Nest for giving the information about it and also classes.
    4. We visited ward for the children and women; found them who are interested to study in The Khushi Nest.
    5. We did goodbye program to our founder Maria by putting Tika.
    6. We admitted new children as well women who are coming to study in The Khushi Nest. They are very happy.
    7. We are going to visit ward for the publicity of the education of The Khushi Nest and interested can come to study here.
    8. The classes are going as including new women and old women and they are interested to come and study here.
    9. We are going to take classes like before to women as well as kids too.
    10. Hope you like the reports and photos which had been sent to you.
    11. New kids has been helping by old children and we are helping them to know what is the Cultural Center.
    12. We are very happy to teach women as well as kids.
    13. We are giving children fruits and biscuits too. They are happy to receive it.
    14. Next month we are going to teach children handwork greeting cards.

Thanking you sincerely,

Sadikshya Shrestha

3rd of October 2015

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