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Reporters Octubre 2015

Report of October 2015

Eureka Pradhan

31st  October 2015

Namaste Maria. Lots of rememberence and love. Firstly On this year our Greatest Festival Dashain on occasion of this, I would like to wish for your good health and prosperity. Wish your steps goes on progress.

Women report:-

    • In this month we admitted new women and they are very happy to study here in The Khushi Nest.
    • For women we are trying to build the level of education and give them good education.
    • In this month, they celebrated Dashain Festival by putting tika; singing song and dancing in The Khushi Nest.
    • On program we give them juice, fruit, etc to women.
    • On celebration women put money on money box.
    • We give information to new women about the Khushi Nest rules.

 Children Report.

    • On this month we taught them homework and reading.
    • We taught New children and old children must be good and friendly with each other and help each other. They are happy to come in The Khushi Nest.
    • In this month, there is environment day so children clean garden.
    • We make them to play many games and they play different games in different times by rules.
    • We admitted new children in The Khushi Nest and they are very happy to come here.
    • We tell them stories by managing time.
    • In this month, on occasion of Dashain festival we put tika to children and they do dance, sang a song etc.
    • On the program we give juice, fruit, biscuit, dalmot etc. They are very happy to celebrate.
    • We teach to children handwork of making kites cards for an occasion of Dashain so that they share the cards with their feelings to each other. They feel very happy to learn it.We are also happy to teach them.

Welcome to Nepal soon.

Love you Maria

Eureka Pradhan

31st October 2015


Report of October (31st October 2015)

Sadikshya Shrestha

Namaste Maria. How are you? Hope everything is good and fine with you. Wish you Happy Dashain 2072, May goddess Durga Bhawani gives you strength, power, Prosperity, success and progress. We enjoyed goodly and happily.

Womens and children activities

    • We have admitted new women and children in The Khushi Nest Cultural Center.
    • We Celebrate Dashain by Putting Tika to women and Children; Singing song, dancing and offering them juice, chocolates, biscuits Dalmot etc. They all are very happy and feeling good.
    • On Environment day, Children with Teachers clean garden, take out dry leaves and water the plants. Children seem very happy.
    • Women are learning their subjects very sincerely and goodly. They are helping each other in their study. We are very happy for them.
    • Women are very happy to come in The Khushi Nest to study and getting knowledge.
    • We have visited some women for education so that they can learn and improve their life.
    • Children had finish their exam and they are playing games, practicing in reading and writing, reciting stories and tales etc.
    • Children learn how to make handwork greeting card for the occasion of Dashain and they seem so happy.
    • Children are very happy to come in Cultural Center and want to learn many beautiful and good things.
    • Hope you like our work. All women, children and we teachers wishes Our Founder Maria “A very Happy Dashain 2072”.

Thanking you, 

Sadikshya Shrestha 

31st October 2015


Report for the month October

                                                    Shanti Maharjan


Namaste Maria.

How are you?. Hope you are fit and fine in Spain and everything is going well. Happy Dashain Maria of 2072, wishing for good health and progress to you. As for the report for the month October, I would like the present following points.

We have done many activities in the month October.

Women activities

    • We had admitted some new women in Low Level Nepali class.
    • The snaps and reports will be posted to you.
    • All classes of women are running very well and they are doing hard work in study.
    • They are cooperative to each other and helpful. They are improving  their study in better way.
    • New and including old women we are doing teaching work goodly and sincerely.
    • Our Greatest Festivals Dashain, we celebrated with women by putting Tika giving them juice, sweets and doing program like dancing and singing songs and also they put money on clay pot(piggy bank). At time we miss you a lot.

       Children Activities

    • Regarding children evening classes are running smoothly. 
    • Children are well studying as well they are entertaining with various playing materials.
    • Some new children have been admitted in The Khushi Nest.
    • All reports and pictures had been sent to you.
    • For the month we train them handwork about making Dashain Kites.
    • The children happily celebrate Dashain by putting Tika. They were given fruits chocolates and Juice. The children misses you a lot.
    • On environment day all the children clean the garden and take out the yellow leaf of the flower.

Hope you like our this month activities. Lastly, I wish you very good health and good time.

Take care and bye

Thanking you

Shanti Maharjan

31st  October 2015.


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