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Reporters Marzo 2016

Report  for  the  month March 2016 

Shanti Maharjan 1st April 2016 

Namaste Maria, 

First of all I am happy to welcome back the founder Maria Villalba Badia here in Nepal. Wishing your good health and progress I would like to present report for the month 

March 2016 AD. 

Women class activities 

The following are class activities of women. 

1.The first shift (11:00 am to 12:00 pm) high level Nepali women students are progressing their study. They feel proud to know Nepali. Now they can read and write stories and magazines.  

2.The second shift (12:00 pm to 01:00 pm) medium level Nepali women studentsare happy to learn. They are improving their studying day by day. I am happy in their progress. 

3.The third shift (01:00 pm to 02:00 pm) basic level Nepali women students is trying hardly to learn the patterns of Nepali letters. I am applying my full effort to them to know the Nepali letters. 

4.A new woman is admitted at basic level in the month.  

5.The festival of colours-Holi has been celebrated and happy movements shared with women students. 

6.On the occasion of Holi, Money box has been filled with money so as to donate to widow. 

7.Money box has been painted by women students. We teachers too help to paint the Money box. 

8.As we are going to celebrate 5th Anniversary, we let the woman practice songs, national anthems, poems etc. 

9.A drama of women is also being practice in the month. 

10. The drawing and colouring class of women also conducted. 

11. I feel more happy and excited to teach more subject matters in the month. 

Children activities. 

1.The evening classes of children are running smoothly. 

2.Few children are not joining the classes due to their final terminal examination at their schools. 

3.The children are being trained to dance and sing. 

4.Various games namely chess, ring, carom board, skipping, oca, badminton and eight errors games are being played as the part of evening class. 

5.The children are provided fruits and biscuits regularly. 

6.Cleaning camp has conducted each Sunday. 

7.As the new project, children are being trained to make patching doll made up of paper. 

Other Activities 

1.This time Maria taught a beautiful songs to children and teachers. 

Hope you like our month's activities. 

Lastly, I wish you very good health and good time. 

Take care. 

Thank you 


Shanti Maharjan 


Report of March 2016

Sadikshya Shrestha

2nd of April 2016

Hola Maria. Gran beso and Abrazo. I feel so glad to meet you, seeing you healthy, fine and Smiley. Hope you (Maria) have good days in The Khushi Nest with us. We are so happy to see you changing the khushi Nest in better way and taking in the way to the improvement. Giving us support and new ideas to take it in best way. Hope you (Maria) are happy being us and comfortable with our work. Some sentence came in my mind “Maria Esta’ Haciendo Un Buen Trabajo En El Nido Feliz”. ”Nosotros Aprendemos Muchas Cosas en The Khushi Nest”. Gracias. On this month, we have done many activities.

  • We celebrate Holi Festival with women by dancing, singing song and also with kids offering them fruit, biscuit and juice for the special occasion. They are happy to celebrate with us (teachers).
  • Women classes are going regularly, some women are not coming as some have job, some are gone to village, some are sick. I teach to the women English level. Women are improving than before. They are working hard to learn. They are happy to come in The Khushi Nest to study.
  • Women drew very nice flowers teachers help them too and colored it  so beautifully and also kids drew the flowers very beautifully. We feel happy to see them drawing flowers.
  • For 5th anniversary, teachers are helping all women to sing national song, class song of Shanti and Eureka, group song of women in Nepali.
  • We are teaching drama about giving the awareness about education to women; situation happening in our society now a days in funny way to make laugh. Women seem to be happy to learn it.
  • Children are also going to learn drama about environment to keep the environment neat and clean.
  • We have problem of electricity so we are going to teach dance in two songs only. They are learning very goodly and doing hard work to learn it.
  • Maria teaches them four nice and beautiful songs for Anniversary.
  • We teachers teach to kids welcome song for Anniversary.
  • Children are learning activities like chess, damas, error games, carom board, ring, oca etc.
  • I take them English class and I am glad they are doing improvement. 
  • Money which has been saved in the money box it has been broke with the help of children, we counted money and we will give it to a widow who needs really help and have bad condition.
  • Children are very happy to come in The Khushi Nest to study and have opportunity to learn many activities which will increase their knowledge, intellectual and energy inside them.
  • We feel happy to teach women and kids the thing in The Khushi Nest, this time we have Maria with us we are glad to have her.
  • Children are getting fruits and biscuits alternatively three times a week.
  • We are working for the 5th anniversary program of The Khushi Nest.
  • This month we do not have new kid and woman.

Hope you like my this month report. Cuidate. Se Feliz.

Muchas Gracias.

Sadikshya Shrestha

2nd of April 2016


Report of month of March 2016                                                                                                                                  

Eureka Pradhan

Namaste Maria. How are you hope you are fit and fine. I am very happy to see you and work with you. Lots of love. On the month of March Founder Maria came to The Khushi Nest so we became very happy On month of March we have done many activities.

Women’s activities:

  • We have run classes very goodly, math and social classes are running very goodly.
  • This time, women learn to sang many songs like national song, class song.
  • On this month, in our country there is holi festival so we celebrate by doing many programs like dancing, singing songs and at that time women put money in the money box for widow.
  • On this month, we painted new money box to save money for widow.
  • On this month, we teach to women about awareness program in drama.
  • On this month, women paint beautiful flowers in paper and colored beautifully.
  • On this month, women learned many activities so we feel happy to see them learned.

Children’s activities:

  • On this month, we teach chess, damas, ring, badminton, errors carom board games.
  • On this month, for handwork we teach to children patching papers in a paper doll and finally became beautiful doll like a photo.
  • This month is spring season so we teach to children making beautiful flowers.
  • On this month, for anniversary program we teach to children Nepali songs and dance.
  • Like usually Sunday we have cleaning day so children clean the place, three times a week we give fruits and biscuits.
  • Children are happy to learn many things in The Khushi Nest.
  • We give activities and ideas about the improvement and good for society, we feel very much happy.
  • To help us to do this kind of work I like to thank our founder Maria.

Hope you like this month report of March. Love you Maria.

Thank You so much.

Eureka Pradhan


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