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Reporters Mayo 2016


Eureka Pradhan

Namaste Maria,

How are you Maria? Hope everything is going well we pray for your good health. Here we all the teacher and students are fine.

Women Activities

  • Women classes are going well. All the women are coming regular and improving their classes.
  • This month one new woman is coming, her name is Sita. She is interested for study she taking Nepali, English and Math three classes.
  • Now I am teaching high level math class. Women are interested to learn English number system. So I am teaching them English number system. They are learning very well and they are very happy because now they using their mobile easily.
  • This month, Buddha was born. At that time all the women are singing and they collected some money for saving in money pot.
  • Nowadays here in Nepal, summer season had started. So we teach them about cleaning their self like; washing hand with soap before taking food, need to bath time to time. Need to clean environment, nowadays water pollution time, water is not good and many people are suffering from diarrhea so need to drink boiling water etc Women was enjoyed that class.
  • Women watch some movies and they get some knowledge from these movies.

Activities of Children 

  • Our all the children get good result of their final exam. Nowadays new section is starting in their school so all the children are very excited to go school.
  • They have homework so everyday children came in our Khushi Nest Cultural Center and they do their home work.
  • Nowadays they are very busy in their study. Full day they are in school and after school they have much home work. So after their work they play different kinds of game like; Spellex, Damas, Oca, Chess, Carrom board, Error game and Ring etc.
  • Every Wednesday we have been taking English class for our children. It makes them practice. They enjoyed English class.
  • This month, Buddha was born so we teach hand work for children how to make Buddha in chart paper. It made from pulse, rice and colorful paper, water color, and glitter after we made beautiful Buddha. Children are very enjoyed to make it.
  •  Children celebrated Buddha born day by singing and listening some story of Buddha they were very happy at that moment.
  • This month also like before, every Sunday Children clean out area of The Khushi Nest.
  • Children were making some drawing.
  • We distribute fruits and biscuits.
  • This month we took parents meeting to talk about   children. All the parents are happy with their children progress and thankful to Our Founder Maria Villalba Badia and the entire teacher.

Thank you, hope you like my month report.

Eureka Pradhan



 5th of May 2016

Sadikshya Shrestha

Report for the month of May 2016

Hola Maria. How are you, hope everything is good and well with you and every one in there. Hope you had enjoyed good time on your anniversary. Wishes every thing is good and progress with you Maria. Now a days here summer season had been already started, happening more raining here. I want you to know about this month activities in following points.

  • On Buddha Jayanti day, women recite some stories about Buddha and they put money in Money box; On children class children had been given some knowledge about peace and some useful tales.
  • We make women to watch some movies to grow their mind and intellectual. They can follow the good things in their life.
  • Women English classes are going very well. Basic, medium and high levels are going very well. Women are seems to be increasing more than before. They are very happy to learn and could read and write in English and able to speak in English.
  • Women life has been improving than before. They are very happy to come and learn in The Khushi Nest.
  • Children has been learning many things in The Khushi Nest lik various games Chess, Oca, Damas, carromboard, ring, spellex etc.
  • Children have been learning English classes effectively. It helps them to improve in English and could gain more knowledge in it.
  • Children are doing well in Painting as they have been learning drawing classes very well. They have been improving a lot.
  • We have organize parents meeting to know progress, academic situation and about their behavior. They are very happy to come in The Khushi Nest and discuss about the problem and good things about children.
  • For handwork we teach to children how to fill the pulses, paininting, papers and glitters on the Sketch of Buddha. It was so beautiful, charming and nice. Children are very happy to do it with teachers.

10. Children are not being regular due to raining day by day and some had sickness too. The classes have been running smoothly. Children are having their new Grade in Schools so they are happy to go to school.

11. Activities are going very well on the Khushi Nest, hope we will try as much as we can to do best. Hope you like this month report of May 2016. All we are Grateful to you, without you we cannot do activities in The Khushi Nest.

SE feliz, Gran abrazo,gran beso and Adios. 

Muchas Gracias. 

Sadikshya Shrestha

5th May 2016

Shanti Maharjan

27th May 2016

Hola Maria,

First of all, I am very thankful to you for giving me opportunity to prepare report for the month May 2016.  I prey the god for your healthy life and happiness. Also thankful for caring us and our organization- "The Khushi Nest".

I would like to present the activities of "The Khushi Nest " of the month in the following topics.

Woman activities:

  1. The first shift (11:00 am to 12:00 pm) basic level Nepali subject students are regular in class. Classes are running smoothly. This month some new women join basic level Nepali and Math. The photo and report have been already sent to you.

  2. The second shift (12:00 pm to 01:00 pm) medium level Nepali subject students are regular in class. They have satisfactory improvement. Four level of learning reading, writing, speaking and listening are being good with them.

  3. The third shift (01:00 pm to 02:00 pm) high level Nepali subject students are doing quiet good. Now they can free read newspaper and name of location and direction wherever they go. They are thankful to you for getting free education from "The Khushi Nest "

  4. This month we show movie to women group.

  5. On the occasion of 2560th Buddha's Birthday, women are given spiritual knowledge about born, growth, youth, old age and death of human being. They are focused on; as we born without clothes and properties same way we have to leave this world without clothes and properties. So, till you live "do good, be good, death is certain and life is uncertain", this type of positive message is given to women.

  6. On the same occasion, we let women to donate some money into the money box.

  7. The photos of 5th Anniversary of "The Khushi Nest " is given to women.

Children activities.

  1. Regarding children class-Evening classes are running very well. They are entertaining with various kinds of playing materials like 8 errors game, Oca, dammas, chess, ring, carom board, spelex game, ludo, skipping etc.

  2. Their school homework is also the part of "The Khushi Nest " activities. So, we assist to complete their homework from schools.

  3. Some children are not regular due to pre-monsoon rain and storm sometime. The weather here is quiet not good. Some time hot sun, some time storm and some time heavy rainfall.

  4. This month, we train them to make portrait of Buddha-The Light of Asia and Symbol of World Peace.

  5. This month we conduct meeting with parents of children. The main focus of meeting was discipline, study and social behaviors of the children.

  6. All the parents are thankful to Maria Villalba Badia- The Founder of "The Khushi Nest " and we three teachers.

  7. Specially, they thank for providing fruits and biscuits to their children.

Other activities:

  1. The carpenter fit the door with net. Now the workspace of "The Khushi Nest " is safe from mosquito and other flies.

Hope you like our month's activities.

Lastly, I wish you very good health and good time.

Take care.

Thank you.


Shanti Maharjan

Kathmandu, Nepal

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