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Reunión de padres de las alumnas (Mayo 2016)

Hola Maria. On 23rd May we had organised Parents meeting of Children. some children of Mother came as guardian and some as a Father.  We are eager to know about the children behavior, Academic condition, grooming, Characteristic and how they interact with other people. On meeting, we ask various questions of each particular children with their parents.They also discuss and share about the problems, conditions of their family as well as the environment of the children. They are very happy to come at the meeting and could share many things. We are also glad to put question on the meeting and able to know many things of the children because now the children of the Khushi Nest had much more grown up than last year. They have bad things and good things in them, we want to develop good things in them and improve it more so that they can bring inside them the good light and can share with many other friends and people. At the meeting 8 guardian came some had a conversation with me on the mobile as they are busy in their work. hope you like how we organize the meeting with Parents.

Sadikshya, Eureka, Shanti

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