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Reporters Junio 2016

Eureka Pradhan

  • Namaste Maria. Sweet remember.
  • How are you Maria, hope every thing good are good with you. Here we all are fine and doing good. You send us picture. It was very nice picture. I like it. Thank you for sending.
  •  Women’s activities:
  • I have been taking high level Math class. They are improving their study. Now they know English number of Mathematics.
  • Coming month they will have exam.
  • Low level women also doing well. They are coming regular they do their work on time.
  • I have been taking social class for women. This class is high level Nepali class. Inside this subject there are many things about society. Now women are very improving their study. Women are very happy to take this class.
  • Now in Nepal rainy season. In this time in schools or agricultural sector plant seeds. We have also many women who are farmer/ On 29th June it is a festival of agriculture. At that time all the women singing song about the crops and agriculture, they collect money for money pot. At that time they enjoyed a lot.
  • This month women watch movie about children life movie and you bring the picture so that women watch that picture. They enjoyed a lot.
  • This month 4 women are admitted, they are krishnd Devi Maharjan, Gyani Shrestha, Shiva Maya Jirel and Sushila Tamang. They are also like before women. They did not get chance when they were child. Now they are very happy with this opportunity.

Children’s activities:

  • Children are good and they come regular in our Khushi Nest. They do their work on time. They have exam in next month so they are studying hard.
  • This month they make drawing about raining season. All the children were enjoyed to do drawing. It is very nice drawing.
  • You bring fish puzzle from Spain. We three teachers and students  complete the puzzle, at that time children were very excited.
  • Children are cleaning all the area of our Khushi Nest every Sunday. Now children used to clean their house area. They enjoyed cleaning.
  • This month, they have handwork. It was very special because I teach them with help of teachers to make photo from card board cover of Digestive biscuits. All the children are very happy and enjoyed to make it.
  • Every month they play different games to see their routing. This month also they play ring, chess, Spellex, Damas, Oca, skeeping etc.
  • As every month we distribute biscuits and fruits. It makes children healthy and happy.

We are very happy with work. Thank You for your help. Big hug from us.

Eureka Pradhan



Sadikshya Shrestha

Hola Dear Maria. Cómo Lo Haces. Hope every thing is going well with you. Nosotros Esta’ Haciendo Un Buen Trabajo En El Nido Feliz. We are helping each other. There is rainy season now in Nepal. It is beautiful as well as good for crops and other plants. We have done many activities in this June. I am going to write in points in below.

  • As it is rainy season this month kids draw many painting about it. They are so beautifully present and nice to see.
  • Kids have holiday of vacation for 2 weeks so many has gone to village. Now all are not regularly attending The Khushi Nest.
  • For handwork we teach kids how to make cardboard paper photo frame very nicely. All kids love to learn it and have it.
  • Like every month, Classes is going very well. In basic level of English 3 new women are admitted they are learning and they are trying to read and write. Other women of medium level are also doing good work in learning and writing; in High levels women are practicing doing conversation, tense and verbs. All are doing their best in study seeing this I am very glad. They feel happy to study as well and learning many things.
  • Women watch knowledge gain movie and pictures of the CDS which help them to grow their mind, intellectual and learn many good things.
  • We celebrate agriculture day by singing songs and put money on Money box. Farmers plant crops and seeds in their fields. People celebrate with joy and happiness by playing mud and planting seeds. On this day, whole day it rains.
  • We are going to take examination of women in coming month.
  • Kids are learning many various activities like Art class, English class they are improving much than before and it is being very useful to them, games like: Chess, Spellex, Damas, Carromboard, ring, Lego, Puzzle of Ocean including Dolphins, Oca etc.
  • Kids are also learning goodly and writing with their schools work as well they have graded up level.
  • Kids are helping each other to do each and every work in The Khushi Nest. They are very eager to learn many things. They are very happy to come in The Khushi Nest.
  • We are very happy to admit new women monthly as they want to study and improve their lives.
  • We see good changes and improve in The Khushi Nest with Women and kids.

Buena Suerte Para Una Vida. Hope you like my this month report. Se feliz and Cuidate. Muchas Gracias.

Amando Sadikshya Shrestha

30th of June 2016


 Shanti Maharjan 

30th June 2016

 Hola Maria,           

First of  all,  I  am  very  thankful to  you  for  giving  me  opportunity  to  prepare  report for  the  month  June  2016.   I  pray  the  god  for  your  healthy  life  and  happiness.  Also thankful for caring us and our organization- "The Khushi Nest".   

I  would  like  to  present  the  activities  of  "The  Khushi  Nest"  of  the month  in  the following topics.  

Woman activities: 

  1. The  first  shift  (11:00  am  to  12:00  pm)  basic  level  Nepali  subject  students  are regular  in class. Classes are running smoothly.  This  month some  new women join basic level Nepali, Math and English. The photo and report have been already sent to you. 
  2. The second shift (12:00 pm to 01:00 pm) medium level Nepali subject students are regular  in  class.  They  have  satisfactory  improvement.  Four level  of  learning reading, writing, speaking and listening are being good with them. 
  3. The third shift (01:00 pm to 02:00 pm) high level Nepali subject students are doing quiet  good.  Now  they  can  freely  read  newspaper  and  name  of  location  and direction  wherever  they  go.  They  are  thankful  to  you  for  getting  free  education from "The Khushi Nest". 
  4. The  basic,  medium  and  high  level  Nepali  students'  examination  will  conduct  on next month. 
  5. This month also we show movie to women group. 
  6. On  the  occasion  of  paddy  plantation  day,  all  women  celebrated  the  occasion  and have had refreshment. 7.On the same occasion, we let women to donate some money into the money box. 

Children activities. 

  1. Regarding   children   class-Evening   classes   are   running   very   well.   They   are entertaining  with  various  kinds  of  playing  materials  like  spelex,  Oca,  dammas, 8 errors game, chess, carom board, Lego, ring, skipping etc.  
  2. Their  school  homework  is  also  the  part  of  "The  Khushi  Nest"  activities.  So,  we assist to complete their homework from schools. 
  3. Some  children  are  not  regular  due  to  monsoon  rain.  The  weather here  is  rainy season. Some children have summer vacation and they have been to village. 
  4. On  the  day  of  environment  day  the  children  had  celebrated  environment  day.  We teach  them  about  keeping  environment  house  and  surrounding  neat  and  clean  as our place. 
  5. For this  month, we train them  how to make paper photo  frame. They are  happy to learn and they want to make it. They like itvery much. The photo has been already posted to you. 
  6. This  month  we  make  the  small  fish  puzzle.  That  is  very  nice  and  interested. Children are very much happy to make the fish puzzle.  
  7. On the rainy seasons children are drawing the rainy season picture. 
  8. They were given fruits and biscuits in regular basis. 

Hope you like the monthly activities of the month. 

Lastly, I wish you very good health and good time. Take care. 

Thank you. 


Shanti Maharjan

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