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Reporters Julio 2016

29th of July 2016

Sadikshya Shrestha

Hola Maria. How are you and everything going on in Spain? Hope everything is well and fine with you. We have done many activities. I am going to write the activities done in The Khushi Nest in following points.

1.    We celebrated Teachers day with women and kids very happily and excitedly. We enjoyed a lot; put tika; have blessings; offer food like fruits biscuits, tea etc. All women and kids misses you Maria. We feel glad with Women and Children.

2.    We make women to see the e-mails which you had brought from Spain. They are very interested to look the natural things; architecture; life etc. They gave you Gracias.

3.    I had taken English examination of all level; women seem improved much more than last year. Nepali and Math basic level examination also had been attempt. Next year rest exam will be taken.

4.    All women are coming regular in The Khushi Nest and with its education. They are very happy to get education from teachers and Maria as well.

5.    On the occasion of teachers day women put money for widow in Money box with full of respect.

6.    We want to give education to the women about health so we had managed 3 days exercise class to have made their health better and improve. They can do it at their home while learning it. All seems very happy to learn Yoga from teachers; teaches impressively. We feel grateful to them as they are giving free education and exercise. We miss you at that time. We also feel happy to the women they show interest and manage time for this.

7.    We had admitted two new women who need education in their life to improve and one new girl.

10. Children are doing many games; Chess, Oca, Damas, Spellex, Ring etc.

11. Children are learning English and Art Class very goodly. They are doing much better and improved. We feel happy that they are learning it goodly.

12. In handwork, children had been taught how to use paper by making paper material like Bed, Cupboard and Drawer etc. They feel happy to learn and we feel good to teach them.

13. Children are happy to come and learn new and important and useful things from The Khushi Nest. They seem interested to learn various activities. They are doing many activities which grow their mind and intellectual. We feel glad by seeing their enthusiasm.

14. Women and kids are helping each other in doing activities and while learning. They have built good community in The Khushi Nest

Lots of Love; Muchas Gracias.

Se Feliz, Cuidate

Amando Sadikshya Shrestha

29th July 2016



Eureka Pradhan

Namaste Maria. How are you Maria, hope everything are good and well with you. Here we all are fine and doing our work very well. This month we did many activities.

 Women’s activities:

1.    We had taken examination of English all levels; Nepali and Math basic level examination is only taken. On next month we will take other level examination of both subjects.

2.    We celebrated Teacher’s day. Women wish good things for us. They put tika, flower and Khata to us. They all miss you very much. They sang song. We feel happy, at that time we feel our responsibility increases as a teachers in giving good education.

3.    We provide yoga education for women about health, progress and improvement. The Yoga teachers teach for 3 days. Women learn and they will practice at home. Women gave thank you to The Khushi Nest and Teachers. We give them biscuits, fruits, tea.

4.    Women look all the E-mails on TV. They are very happy to see the nature and other things.

5.    All classes are going very well. Math and social class students are going very hard work and they are improving a lot than before. They are able to learn magazines and newspapers. We are going to take classes of it.

6.    We had admitted two women, their name are Sabita Timalsina and Urmila Bhujel. They are coming to learn in The Khushi Nest.

Children’s activities:

1.    We had admitted one girl her name is Laxmi Thapa. She is very good and polite.

2.    We had done for handwork thick paper things like Bed, Cupboard, tray.It is very attractive and decorative to make as it is very nice and attractive to make. All the children are very happy to make it as well as Teacher’s too.

3.    Children played different games like Oca, Damas, Chess, Lego, Ring, Spellex etc.

4.    Children learn drawing class. They drew very well painting than before. Children are very interested on painting. On next month they will learn Manga painting.

5.    Children learn English class very well. They are improving English much than before.

6.    Children had celebrated Teacher’s day very nicely by cake, lighting candles, balloons, making hat for all of them. They seem so happy; they put Tika and get our blessings. We provide them tea, biscuits, fruits etc.

7.    Children are very happy to come in the Khushi Nest. They clean the street first day of week and they are getting fruits and biscuits three times a week.

At last, hope you like our work. We are very happy that you give us chance. Thank You. Big hug from us.

Eureka Pradhan


Shanti Maharjan

30th July 2016

Hola Maria,

         How are you? Hope you are fine in Spain and everything is going very well.

Wishing for good health and progress to you, I would like to present the activities of  "The Khushi Nest" for the month July in the following topics.

Woman activities:

1.     The first shift (11:00 am to 12:00 pm) basic level Nepali subject students are regular in class. Classes are running smoothly. This month also some new women join basic level Nepali, Math and English classes. The photo and report have been already sent to you. They are very much happy to get education in The Khushi Nest Cultural Center. Basic level Nepali students' class test has been taken and they score better result. The exam conduction photos have been already posted to you.

2.     The second shift (12:00 pm to 01:00 pm) medium level Nepali subject students are regular in class. They are very interested and doing hard work. They are improving their study day by day. Their examination is going to be held on next month.

3.     The third shift (01:00 pm to 02:00 pm) high level Nepali subject students are doing quiet good. They are helpful to each other. Now they can free read newspaper and name of location and direction wherever they go. They are very much happy to get free education because education is more expensive and most important in our life. Education gives us powerful knowledge. Their examination is also going to be held on next month.

4.     This month also we show movie to women group. They were very much happy and excited to watch Spanish movies.

5.     On the occasion of Teacher's Day. They celebrated The Teacher's Day. All women wish you and miss you a lot. Women want to celebrate teacher's day like always with happiness, love and blessings.

6.     On the same occasion, we let women to donate some money into the money box.

7.     For this month, we organize 5 days yoga camp. Yoga master came to our organization. They teach Baisc Training on Yoga. This is very important in our busy life to get rid of tension and making physically fit. They taught about proper care of our body and the balance diet we should eat.. Health is wealth. If no health and no wealth, no education, no family. So health is most important in our life.

Children's activities:

8.     Regarding children class, Evening class is running very well. They are entertaining with various kinds of playing materials like spellex, Oca ,dammas, 8 errors game, chess, carom board, lego, ring, skipping etc. They are very much enjoying.

1.     Their school homework is also the part of "The Khushi Nest" activities. So, we assist to complete their homework.

2.     Some children are not regular due to summer rain. The weather here is quiet not good. The strong rain is coming in this month.

3.     For this month, we train them to make colourful paper photo frame, modules of different things. They are happy to learn and they want to make it more. The photos have been already posted to you.

4.     They were given fruits and biscuits on regular basis.

Hope you like the monthly activities of the month July2016.

Lastly, I wish you very good health and good time. Take care.

Thank you.


Shanti Maharjan


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