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Reporters Octubre 2016

Shanti Maharjan

30th October  2016

Hola Maria,

 We are eager to Welcome back you here in Nepal, Hope you are in healthy and happy status.  Wishing for good health and progress to you, I would like to present the activities of  "The Khushi Nest" for the month October.

Woman activities:

1.     The first shift (11:00 am to 12:00 pm) basic level Nepali subject students are regular in class. Classes are running smoothly. This month also some new women join basic level Nepali, Math and English classes.

2.     The second shift (12:00 pm to 01:00 pm) medium level Nepali subject students are regular in class. They are very interested and doing hard work. They are improving their study day by day.

3.     The third shift (01:00 pm to 02:00 pm) high level Nepali subject students are doing quiet good.  Now they can free read newspaper and name of  location and direction wherever they go.  

4.     This month also we show movie to women group. They were very much happy and excited to watch Spanish movies. They are train to make colourful paper star.

5.     On the occasion of Tihar festival (The festival of light) women donate some money in the money box. They celebrated Tihar festival here at “The Khushi Nest”. All women and children celebrate Tihar- Dipawali. They made Rangoli (Colourful Mandala). We wishes many many Happy Tihar-Dipawali  and miss you a lot.

Children's activities:

1.     Regarding children class, Evening class is running very well. They are entertaining with various kinds of playing materials like spellex, Oca ,dammas, 8 errors game, chess, carom board, ludo, ring, skipping etc. They are very much enjoying.

2.     Their school homework is also the part of "The Khushi Nest" activities. So, we assist to complete their homework.

3.     Some children are not regular due to Dashain and Tihar Festival.

4.     For this month, we train them to make colourful paper star. They are happy to learn and they want to make it more.

5.     They were given fruits and biscuits on regular basis..

6.     On the occasion of festival Tihar we teach them mural in drawing of five days like Crow worship, Dog worship , Cow worship, Soul worship and Brother worship. All the children wishes you many many happy great festival of Tihar Dipawali. They miss you a lot.

Other activities:

1.     After Dashain festival vacation, still some women and children are not present in the class. They informed us to continue after second great festival Tihar.

2.     We painted the white colour in cubboard,  Maria’s room,  English, Math and Nepali classes.

3.     In every Sunday we clean the garden.

4.     On the occasion of  Tihar “The Khushinest Cultural Center” remains closed from 28th October to 1st November.

Hope you like this month activities.

         Lastly, I wish you very good health and good time. I miss you a lot.

                            Take care and bye.

Thank you.


Shanti Maharjan



Eureka Pradhan 

Namaste Maria.

Sweet rememberance and love.

We are fine. Wish you are also fine too. Our greatest festival Tihar on the occasion of this, I wish for your good health and prosperity. Wish Goddess Laxmi will help you in your health and wealth.

Women’s activities:

  1. High level of Math students, In dashain they went to their house and they will come after celebrating Tihar. Some students are not coming, the students who are coming we are teaching them goodly. They are also studying hardly.

  1. Low Level of Math, all women are regular in class.they are also doing

  1. Social group of women are also regular. They are studying well. Their study level is very good. By studying social they improve their intellectual capacity and have well knowledge so they do home work by themselves easily with happiness.

  1. Tihar festival lies in this month so we teach to students how to make stars. They are happy to make colorful stars.

  1. We had admitted new woman in The Khushi Nest. She is happy to come and study because in childhood she could not go to study in school.

  1. With all women happily we celebrated Tihar by doing program. At that time we make rangoli. They dance and sang a song. All women seem so happy.

Children’s activities:

  1. Like every time in this month also Children played games and regular activities like: doing homework, different games like: ludo, damas, chess, ring, carom board, oca, etc.

  1. We teach to all children colorful stars. On it they also write Happy Tihar. They are happy to make it.

  1. On the occasion of Tihar, the days what we do on each day of Tihar all work has been shown in beautifully drawing. All did color and they seems happy to do it.

  1. Like usually Sadikshya teach to children English class. All children happily learn the it.

  1. Children are keeping street clean by collecting paper, they are doing once a week.

  1. Children are having fruits and biscuits three times a week.

  1. We celebrate Tihar festival with children also by making rangoli. They light candles.. They dance sing a song. They are happy to celebrate with us. At that time we give them shale, tarkari etc.

Like this, helping us for our every work we want gives you to thank you. We heard you coming in Nepal. We are happy. We are happy to see you. We will welcome you.

Lastly, thank you.

1st /11/2016

Eureka Pradhan


30th October 2016  

Sadikshya Shrestha 

Hola Maria.  

I wish you a Very Happy Tihar and Dipawali 2073. A bright candle burns itself to give others light, wish your life will brighten in every moment and condition. I am sending you the activities of this month in the Khushi Nest in following points. 

  1. Since Dashain, women and kids have gone to village and some will return after Tihar festival. Some Women and kids are coming to study in the Khushi Nest. 

  1. We celebrated Tihar festival with women as well as kids so nicely, full enjoyment and happiness. We made rangoli with colors with women and kids. Women, kids and as well as we Teachers light candles and made bright to The Khushi Nest. We offer them snacks and tea. We had good time with all. Women wishes you Happy Tihar 2073. Goddess Laxmi blesses you. Women are waiting to see you soon. 

  1. Women are coming to learn all classes. They are doing much better than before. By studying social, English, Nepali and Math subject, they have built self confidence in them. They are being able to calculate faster and got improvement. They are being good in calculation. They are able to watch by understanding some English movies little and could learn magazines and some books, They are more secure in cleanliness and being healthly in their house and can improve their environment . We see they have helping habits with each other. They are gaining more knowledge by The Khushi Nest. By seeing these we feel so glad and happy for them. We are helping them by giving good education and knowledge. They are very Grateful to you. 

  1. Women are watching emails and documentary movie of Nepali  which are very important for ladies to grow knowledge . They are very happy to watch it. 

  1. For Tihar, Women with all teachers made colorful stars of papers. They were so happy to make it. They said they will do it in their home as well and hang it on the wall. 

  1. For Kids; they are doing their daily activities. They are very happy to do the work. They are interested to come in Khushi Nest after schools. They are playing various games like playing carom board, chess, table tennis, oca, lego, chess, ring etc. They do cleaning in street. Their behavior and habit have been changed than before, they help each other and take responsibility of the work. We see them improving and learning every good thing. 

  1. For handwork, children learn how to make paper stars beautifully with colorful like shinning stars on dark nights. Kids are very happy to learn and we are also very happy to teach. Kids wishes you Happy Tihar 2073. They are excited to see you soon. 

  1. Children are getting biscuits and fruits thrice a week.  

  1. Hoping all kids and women will come after Tihar Festival.  

10.We all wish you Happy Tihar 2073. Hope to see you soon. Stay    healthy and be happy. Take care. 

 Your’s sincerely and faithfully 

Lots of love and warm hug.. 

     Sadikshya Shrestha 

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