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Reporters Noviembre 2016

2nd December 2016

Sadikshya Shrestha

Hola Maria. We are very happy to spend time with you.  Hope you are happy with us and our work. Firstly, Thank you for giving me half month holidays for my examination. Thanking to Shanti and Eureka for doing work and activities on my behalf with Founder María. We had done many activities for the Christmas.

1. For women and children, they make crown in paper, they put color and make attractive so that they can wear it on Christmas celebration; women and children crown are different. They seem happy to do it.

2. Women make birds by the help of Shanti and they color very nicely to make attractive.

3. Women and children they drew picture of the pesebre and color it which seems so good and nice.

4. Women and children make nice Christmas tree with many wishes in heart shape paper colorfully. They are very happy to do it.

5. Women and children see many photos which have been brought by Our Founder María. They were so happy to saw it.

6. I am very happy that Teacher Eureka draw very nice three kings and to make more beautiful and attracted pieces of clothes are paste on it and some are filled by wax color as well; Shanti and I also help her.

7. Teacher Eureka made very nice tree showing the root is the parents of Maria; Stem is Maria with three photos, Branches with we three teachers photos, leaves with many women photos and fruit with children photos. Which seems so attractive, nice and well done. It is Moral which can be kept in board.

8- Teacher Eureka Make very nice and Attractive crown  for three kings name Gaspar, Baltasar and  Melchor they have different completion on them.

9. Women with the help of Teachers together did stars with stream and color so nicely for the Christmas occasion. They are happy to do it.

10. Many changes have been done in the Khushi Nest for the Christmas occasion, which are very nice, pretty good and attractive.

11. Many pictures have been colored and cut to make the shelter like the way of Jesus Christ born.

12. Women and Children tell something about imagination like; Pesebre, Stars, Marisara,The Khushi Nest. To hear we feel happy.

13. One doll has been brought her name is Marisara put by children, Teachers and Our Founder Maria by doing Bingo. Doll is very cute and beautiful so all children and we like her very much.

14. On 6th of December, we are going to celebrate Christmas with women and on 7th of December with children.

15. We want to celebrate this Christmas differently by making pizza and sandwich in pan with electric induction. This is very new to us.

16. Teachers with women make candles. Some candles are so colorful and nice to look. More loving to burn. Women feel very happy to learn and look, hope they can do in their house as well.

Hope you like my report. Thanking you for all your help support our Founder María.

Your’s sincerely

Sadikshya Shrestha

2nd December 2016


 Shanti Maharjan

3rd December  2016

Hola, María Villalba Badía

 Wish you for good health and progress. I am very happy to work with you this month. The activities of "The Khushi Nest" for the month November are reported as follows.

Women activities:

1.     For the month November, classes are not gone smoothly because we were busy with Founder María Villalba Badía for the preparation of Christmas.

2.     Founder María Villalba Badia, Teachers, woman and children were preparing for Christmas celebration.

3.     All the women were very happy to get free basic education from 'The Khushi Nest' . They are improving day by day like reading, writing, listening, talking, drawing, painting colors etc. I am satisfied with their learning.

4.     This month we visit to some new women.

5.     Founder María Villalba Badía conduct meeting separate meeting with we three teachers.

6.     Founder María Villalba Badía and we three teachers explain about pesebre to women.

7.     Decorating Pesebre was taught to women group like coloring, cutting, and fixing materials of Pesebre.

8.     We made three kings namely- Melchor, Gaspar, Baltasar and decorate the kings.

9.     Founder Maria Villalba Badia and teachers hang three kings in the window of glass. The kings look very nice and attractive.

10.   We teach them how to make star, heart and put color on it.

11.    Founder María Villalba Badía conducts women class. She taught to put color in Pesebre, crown, table decorative paper and Christmas song. 

12.    This month we purchase induction cooker and pan to make pizza and sandwich.

13.    We cook sandwich and pizza in ‘The Khushi Nest’. Sandwich and pizza will be served as refreshment in Christmas celebration.

14.    Eureka and I clean the entire flower bucket. Women and we teachers paint the flower bucket

15.    We bought the very nice doll. The name of doll is Marisara.

16.    Laxmi(woman student) brought red soil to be painted to flower vase.

17.    Founder María Villalba Badía taught “sopa” letters to women, students and us.

18.    Founder María Villalba Badía took photos of women, children and teachers to put on Mural(Big tree).

19.    We made big tree. We indicate the root of tree as Founder María Villalba Badía, branches of tree as three teachers, leaves as women and fruits as children.

20.    We show movies to the women. The women were very happy to see movies.

21.    This month we taught women to make candles.

Children activities

1.     Children evening classes are running very well. Children are doing drawing, coloring and playing puzzles.

2.     Children also engaged in making pesebre statues, making stars, heart and coloring them.

3.     Children were given fruits and biscuits as usual.

4.     Every Sunday children clean the garden.

5.     This month we admit some children.

6.     Founder María Villalba Badía taught Christmas song and “sopa” letters.

7.     Children made heart and star and hang on Christmas tree.

8.     Children are written interviewed about feelings of ‘The Khushi Nest’.


Hope you like this month activities.

         Lastly, I wish you very good health and good time.

                            Take care and bye.

Thank you.


Shanti Maharjan



Eureka Pradhan

Namaste Maria.

Sweet remembrance and love.

We are fine. We are also happy because you were with us. We all are working together for Christmas and we are very happy. Hope you will be also happy with us.

Woman activities:

1)   All the women are regular and in this month because of the work of the Christmas we all are being together and teaching them to do handwork.

2)   In this month we teach them to make a bird and do painting also they were very happy at that moment.

3)   We teach them to make crown for celebration of the Christmas. They are very happy and enjoying to make and paint the crown.

4)   In the table cover of the decoration paper they are painting the attaching things for the table cover.

5)   In this month which you brought photos of visiting the India which were very beautiful we showed them and they were very happy and they thank you to you.

6)   In this month you said 3 tiles story in which you make them listen your story to the women and they were very happy listening to your story.

7)   I made three kings in which Sadikshya and Shanti helped me and they were very happy watching that.

8)   We made all the women to collect 10rs from each and everyone who likes to celebrating Christmas because this money is for widows.

9)   We made Christmas tree in that tree they made love sign paper and they colored and write merry Christmas in that time they also put stars in that tree and at that moment they had a lot of fun. 

10)  In this month we all painted the bucket of the garden we teachers and all the women done this work by together and now the garden is looking very beautiful.

11)  In this month we gone to visit to the women.

12)  In this month Maria put the meeting to the three of the teachers to us.

13)  Me and Shanti for the Christmas to make the pizza we bought pan and induction heater and at that time we practice to make pizza and also me Maria and Shanti ate the pizza.

14)  We bought doll also and that is very nice and its name is Marisa Sara. 

Children activities:

1)    In this month because there was Christmas festival we teach children also to make crowns and also coloring too.

2)    We teach the children to make the drawing of pesebre, horse, kings, lambs and shepherds. All are doing very well.

3)    In the week of Sunday we are making them daily to do cleaning of the outside garden and they are doing good.

4)    Indoor game which you brought from the Spain for them they are enjoying to do and play because of that game their mind are also developing well.

5)    In the Christmas tree they also made the love sings and hang them into the Christmas tree and also put the cotton which were looking like snow falling which were looking very nice and all the children are very happy.

6)    We are providing biscuits and fruits regularly to all the children in which 3 days biscuits and 3 days fruits.

7)    When they saw three kings they were looking very happy.

8)    I had made tree in which in the root part I put the picture of your father and mother. The stem is our founder Maria and branches are three teachers. The leaves are all the women and fruits are all the children. This idea was given by Maria and I was very happy to make the tree and all the children and women were happy too.

9)    In this month we admit some children in the Khushi Nest Cultural Center.

Thank you very much       

For your wonderful thoughts

And all the children and women

Got the opportunity to learn all

The things. Thank you very much

Once again.      

    Eureka Pradhan



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