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Reporters Diciembre 2016


Eureka Pradhan

Namaste Maria.

Sweet rememberance and love.

We are fine. Hope you are also fine too. Wish you a happy New Year of 2017. In New Year we all teachers are planning in incoming time we will be improving our work than the previous and because of New Year The Khushi Nest Cultural Centre all the women's and children's we will be      making them improve and try our best.

    Women's activities:-

1)   We celebrating Christmas and New Year at that time with our founder Maria, three teachers and all the women with happily. In that time all the women were dancing and singing and they were happily.

2)   In celebrating time we three teachers making pizza and sandwich for all the women at that time when they ate they were very happy.

3)   All the women learned and they were interested how to make a candle by Maria and three teachers.

4)   All the women give Maria a goodbye program by putting tika and giving gifts. 

5)   Shanti take examination of Nepali class.

6)   In The Khusi Nest Cultural Centre three women were given new admission because they were interested to learn.

7)   The examination of my Math class will be taken in next month.

8)   In this month we made all the women to read Nepali newspaper.

9)   The Social class of mine is also going well and the exam of t will be taken in next month.

     Children's activities:-

1)   From children also we celebrated next day Christmas and New year and at that time their parents also come and celebrating by singing. And at the time the lawyer and his daughter also came.

2)   In that time we collected money for Widow.

3)   Children also wanted to give a goodbye program to Maria but unfortunately at that time Maria's flight was there. So they were missing you a lot.

4)   In December time it was very cold so in the winter season we gave all the children a drawing and they made it very nice.

5)   We gave pesebre to all the children and they are very happy to get it.

6)   Sadikshya take English class to all the children.

7)   I teach handwork of raw materials of cotton which you bring. From that we made a nice puppet and they were very happy while making it.

8)   We are going on schedule which was written to play games for children to day to day.

9)   On Sunday we are cleaning outside the garden with all the children.

10) In every week we are giving three days fruits and biscuits.

Thank you for all the helps which you give to all of us. Women and children have given you a wish of New Year. Lastly, Thank you.

3rd /1/2017

Eureka Pradhan


 3rd January 2017

 Sadikshya Shrestha

 Hola Maria.

How are you? Hope everything is good and well with you. Hope you had enjoyed New Year very nicely and beautifully. Thank you for all the photos and videos that you had sent to us, it’s very nice to look.  Wish this year fulfill your every wish and dreams come true. Have happiness always and cherish.

For report, we had done many activities in this month.

Studying and learning:

1.     Women are very happy to tell the newspaper and build up their confidence in themselves. They do it in next time also; they won’t feel shy and have courage to read it loud.  We feel happy to have a change in them.

2.     Women are learning very goodly all subject so well. They are seemed to be improved much in English and other subjects too.

3.     Nepali low level of Shanti examination was taken and they did very well and attend good marks in it. Shanti seems happy to see the performance and improvement of women.

4.     On January Math examination also will be taken to see how much they improve up to now.

5.     Women name Laxmi Pahadi who have been regular in classes and her performance is good at class, by keeping this in mind we give her candle machine so that she can use it or can teach to other and share it.

6.     We had admitted 3 women. They are very interested to study so they are going from basic in Nepali and Math as well. They feel happy to get education.

7.     This is the end of 2016 year, by comparing to many years before we had gave education to many women. We saw many women changes their living level, got better life than before, some have job and some can study well and can teach their children. By seeing this positive change we feel so proud of The Khushi Nest and with our Founder María for all the support. May be coming year many women could be literate and can improve their life to better stage. We feel happy from the inner heart to give education to the women and could make them able to stand up and fight against the unwanted things and UN Equality in society and community of Women and Men . Hope we can give them many more better and useful education.

Christmas Celebration:

1.     With greatly and happily we had celebrated Christmas with our dear Founder Maria, 3 Teachers, women and kids.

2.     3 Teachers made many pizzas and Sandwiches for the Christmas celebration for Women and Children and also for the celebration we three together make table cover for the Christmas to make nice and attractive with candles.

3.     The celebration was so fun and we enjoyed a lot. Kids mother seems they also enjoyed the program. This time the program was different than last year and was good. We feel very happy to celebrate it with all.

Activities Children:

1.     Children make draw about the winter season as in Nepal winter season is running and very cold so they drew the picture according to it.

2.     Some kids have examination in schools so they are not able to come in The Khushi Nest as they need to study.

3.     They learn flute classes little by little; they are learning how to make sound firstly. They are happy to learn it from Eureka and Shnti.

4.      Kids are learning very well English class. They can now read and write imagine things and they are doing much good in English.

8.     They are playing games like Chess, Spellex, Damas, Oca etc. They enjoyed games a lot.

9.     We teach handwork about making Puppets with clothes and it was so nice and creative for them. They are happy to make it and learn it.

10. We distribute Pessebre art of Paper to kids whom they made on the occasion of Christmas day. They are happy to get it and the stars as well.

Hope you like my report. This is last month of this year. Thank you for being able to be with us in this whole year and every activities, for the support, for everything dear Founder Maria. Hope to see you next year then in 2017.

Se Feliz and Cuidate.

Your’s sincerely

Sadikshya Shrestha

3rd January 2017


Shanti Maharjan

3rd January  2017

Hola, Maria Villalba Badia

 Wish you for good health and progress. I am very happy to work with you this month. The activities of "The Khushi Nest" for the month December are reported as follows.

Women activities:

1.     For the month December, classes are run smoothly. Women took classes as usual. Some new women students admitted in the month.

2.     All the women were happy to get free basic education from 'The Khushi Nest' . They are improving day by day like reading, writing, listening, talking, drawing, painting colours etc. I am satisfied with their learning.

3.     This month we visit to some new women.

4.     Low level Nepali student’s class test has been taken and their result was good.

5.     For the month women are shown Spain movies and Presentation. They got new concepts and new views of various parts of world.

6.     'The Khushi Nest' cultural center celebrate Christmas with Founder Maria Villalba Badia, teachers, women and children happily. It was joyful time to all of us.

7.     We cook Pizza and Sandwich in cultural center for the Christmas celebration. All the women and children are given Pizza and Sandwich as refreshment treat.

8.     Women are given magazines as reading session. They are interested to read newspaper and magazines. Now, they know the value of Newspaper and Magazines.

9.     Women are given camera to take photos. They explain about the photos they snap.

10.  Women have wished you “Happy New Year 2017”. They wish you for nice days, good health and more prosperity in your life. They miss you a lot.

Children activities

1.     Children evening classes are running very well. Children are doing drawing, colouring and playing puzzles.

2.     Their daily home assignment is also the  part of their learning, so they are assisted to do their work.

3.     Some children are becoming irregular due to winter vacation and school’s exam.

4.     Children were given fruits and biscuits as usual as refreshment.

5.     Every Sunday children clean the garden.

6.     This month we admit some children.

7.     Children also best wishes on the occasion of HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017 to you.

8.     As the creative work for the month, we teach them to make cotton puppet.

9.     This month Sadikshya miss has taken English class.

10.  We give the fixed pesebre to the children. They like it very much and they are happy to acquire them.

Hope you like this month activities.

Lastly, I wish you very good health and good time.

Take care and bye.

Thank you.


Shanti Maharjan


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