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Reporters Febrero 2017

Shanti Maharjan


Hola Maria,

            Best wishes for good health and progress to you. We have done many activities in the month February. I would like the present following points.

Women activities:

1.    This month also we had admitted one new student low level Nepali and Math classes.

2.    High Level Nepali students are doing hard work in study. Its examination is going may be on next week.

3.    Medium and Low level Nepali students are running very well. They are also doing hard work in study. Its examination is going may be on this week.

4.    They are able to read magazine story book. Now adays they are improving reading, writing, listening, telling etc

5.    This month also we show Spanish movies to the women. They are very much happy to watch the Spanish movies. They get new knowledge and new ideas.

6.    On the occasion of Maha Shivaratri, women donate some money in the money box.

7.    This month three teachers and women visited the museum (Patan Durbar Square). Women are very excited to see the ancient wood picture, art, places etc. They learn more things. They are very much happy. They miss you a lot. They are thankful to you.

Children activities:

1.    Regarding children evening classes are running very well. Children are entertaining with various kind of Playing like chess, skipping, Oca, Ring, carom board, puzzle, sopa letters, 8 errors etc. They are very much happy to play the games

2.    We take children class in regular.

3.    They were given fruits and biscuits in regular.

4.    This month also we take flute and dance classes. Children like flute and dance classes very much.

5.    For this month, we train them how to make colorful friendship band. Children are very excited to learn and they want to make it.

6.    In every Sunday, three teachers and children clean the garden.

7.    This month, Sadikshya has taken English class and Eureka take Art class.

8.    They are doing their school’s home work also.

                    Hope you like our month activities. Lastly, I wish you very good health and good time.

Take care and bye


Shanti Maharjan



27th February 2017

Sadikshya Shrestha

Hola Maria.

How are you? Hope everything is good and well with you. Wishes for your good health and success. Like to wish you happy Maha Shivaratri, may Lord Shiva destroy bad things comes in your way and lead to progress and prosperity. Hope to see you soon on March, Welcome…

For report, we had done many activities in this month.

Women Activities:

1.     Women are learning English subject very well. They are very happy to study, read and write.

2.     Women are learning very goodly all subjects; English, Nepali, Math and social so well. Teachers are very happy to see the progress. They want to learn more.

3.     Women are very happy to read the newspaper and build up their confidence in themselves. We feel happy to have a change in them.

4.     Women saw Emails which you had brought from Spain. They are happy to see it to gain more knowledge. These knowledge and education is also very important to them to live the life meaningfully.

5.     We are glad to admit one lady in The Khushi Nest, she wants to learn Nepali.

6.     We visited Patan Museum at Patan Durbar Square with women. We visited many places, picture of ancient times, historical wood, craft; art, architecture, sculpture etc. women are very glad to visit Patan Museum.

7.     We hope and many women could be literate and can improve their life to better stage. We feel happy from the inner heart to give education to the women which improve their life.

8.     On the occasion of Shivaratri women put money in money box which will be given to the widow.

9.     Women are reading newspaper very goodly in Nepali. They like to read it. They can know the situation and condition happening in our country as well as another country as well. 

10.Women like to come and study in The Khushi Nest , they could forget their problem, sorrow by coming here. They can share their happiness and sadness in The Khushi Nest with their friends and teachers. 

Activities Children:

1.     Children are interested to come in The Khushi Nest to learn different activites and study, read and write.

2.     Kids are learning English class very nicely, it has been helping them to improve English much than before to read and write in schools as well.

3.     They learn flute classes little by little; they are learning how to make sound firstly. They are happy to learn it.

4.     They are playing games like Ring, 8 errors games, carom board, Chess, Spellex, Damas, Oca, Basket balls, Lego, Parachis, Damas etc. They play and enjoyed games a lot.

5.     We teach handwork about making handmade colorful band. They are happy to make it and learn it. We feel happy to teach them.

6.     Kids are learning dance. They are practicing at their home as well.

7.     Every Sunday, kids clean street and garden. They like to be neat and clean.

8.     Elder kids help small one to be in discipline, to put scarf, and in every activities.

9.     Kids are getting fruits and biscuits three times a week.

10.I am taking English class. They are very interested in learning English. They seem happy and Eureka is teaching them to do paint. They did well.

Hope you like my report, Thank you for your help and support, for everything Dear Founder Maria. Hope to see you soon

Se Feliz and Cuidate.

Your’s sincerely

Sadikshya Shrestha

27th February 2017



 Eureka Pradhan

Namaste Maria

Sweet remembrance with love.

We all are fine here. How are you Maria and we are very happy to know that you are going to come soon. We are very excited to meet you.

Women activities:-

1) This month we took both high level and low level exam of Math and all the women have done very good result.

2) We also took exam of Social and this exam result was also very good.

3) We made all the women read the Nepali newspaper once in a week and women are improving their reading.

4) We and all the women visited in the historical place like Patan Durbar Square museum and we feel very lucky that we found a guide and we payed him about giving   the  information about that place.

5) We didn't made women to ask the information about the historcial place and we were happy that our women are being improving their knowldege.

6) In our The Khushi Nest Cultural Centre one new women has been admited and her name is Tara Devi Khadka. She is very intrested in Nepali class and after that she said that she will join Math and English class.

7) In the Hindu festival of Maha Shivaratri all the women put money in the money box.

Children actvities:-

1) In this coming parent's day I am teaching all the children a dance.

2) We are teaching all the children flute and we are also not to capable in the flute so, we are seaching a flute teacher for the children.

3) In handwork I had teached all the children a to make a friendship band and it is very usable also and I am sure that you will be very happy.

4) We are making all the children to play different kinds of games as routine like Oca, Damas, Purchis, Carromboard, Basketball, Ring, Spelex, Spiring, etc.

5) As routine our The Khusi Nest Culture Centre is making all the children to clean the outside garden.

6) We are providing them three days biscuits and three days fruits as routine.

7) We are making all the children practice for drawing class in certain timely.

We are very thankful to you that we have got support from you and we are very happy that oue The Khushi Nest Cultural Centre is progessing very well. In this month we are mostly happy that we took women for Patan Durbar Square museum for educational visit and it was very new and extra activities. Thank you Maria for your support.

Eureka Pradhan


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