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Reporters Marzo 2017

30th March 2017

Sadikshya Shrestha

Hola Founder Maria.

Bienvenido, happy to see you and be with you (Founder Maria). We have many things to do for 6th Anniversary and preparing mostly everything for the program.

We have done many activities in this month. Me and Eureka make pieces of clothes, cut it like Tibetan flag which is very colorful and in it, we write some words, nice phrases which is important. Eureka arranges flags and candles very nicely in a stream for the 6th anniversary for hanging. I am making certificates of every woman with their completion of year in every subject.

Women Activities:

1.     Women are learning every subject very goodly; they had given examination of Mathematics.

2.     Women are reading every week newspaper, which help to lose their shyness and build self confidence in them.

3.     This month, we try to do things little different like; we try to know what they think how can we improve Khushi Nest. They share many things with us so keeping that in mind, we prepared tea and offer them in new glasses with biscuits and can listen with them how they are feeling and improving their lives through The Khushi Nest. We are going to do twice in a month.

4.     Women can take to visit places which can help them to know different good knowledge and can get some free air; if some women know how to knit/ make pickles/ candles or anything then they can share their skills and can teach to other so that they can have cooperation within them which is very useful.

5.     Its spring, women draw patiently very nice and beautiful flower pictures for notice board. We teachers helped them. We feel happy for their progress in painting and making beautiful pictures.

6.     We are glad to admit 3 ladies in The Khushi Nest, who wants sincerely to study.

7.     Women have conversations about the visit of Patan museum what they see and like while they visit.

8.     We hope and many women could be literate and can improve their life to better stage. We feel happy from the inner heart to give education to the women which improve their life.

9.     We teach to women, drama about good thing always should be remembered and bad things should be forget or ignored from Maria’s Tale; 2 songs of Nepali from Shanti and Eureka. The songs are very good and nice which help to increase women empowerment and self confidence, equality, rights etc. They seems happy.

10.   Women had made handwork beautiful, colorful flowers; draws flowers on morals, coloring very nicely in Invitation Papers for the 6th anniversary, coloring candles, Grues etc. 

11.   Women are preparing some speech in Nepali and English.

12.   We show video to women that we must sleep on left side which is very important for the rest part of our body.

13.   Women visited places took photos for 6th anniversary and I’m making photos in nice quality and good one, teachers also took photos too.

Activities Children:

1.     We admitted 5 kids in the Khushi Nest.

2.     Kids are learning Spanish song of Asturias city from Our Founder Maria; words.

3.     Children are learning drama of be good not bad about thief; blind man and business man from Maria which are very good education about spring. They are happy to learn.

4.     They made handmade beautiful flowers, nice invitation card coloring, and flowers for spring season all are very beautiful for notice board. They are happy to do it.

5.     Kids are drawing small flower painting on morals, making grues.

6.     Kids are learning two dances for anniversary; preparing speech for the 6th Anniversary.

7.     Every Sunday, Founder Maria is helping kids to clean street and garden. They like to be neat and clean.

8.     Elder kids help small one to do every activities in The Khushi Nest.

9.     Kids are getting fruits and biscuits three times a week.

10.   When we ask about an improvement in Khushi Nest to kids then they also share many thing, we will try to do it good way in the future.

11.   There are so many children who are of 13 years old but now we are thinking to say Good bye kid at the age of 14 years old. Two kids are saying good bye to us as one is already 14years old, Laxmi and Archana had lots of work to do in her house, so they won’t be us after 6th Anniversary but they can come to visit whenever they want. We will miss them.

12.   Some kids are helping Shanti to make color dark in flags for National Anthem.

13.   All children seem excited and happy for the 6th anniversary as they are preparing many things for it.

We teachers are working everything for the 6th anniversary to make all things good and best as we can with the Help of Our Founder Maria. So this is my report, hope you like it. Thank you for your help and support, for everything Dear Founder Maria.

Congratulation to you (Founder Maria) and other teachers for soon being completing of 6th year with all of you. Grateful to You( Founder Maria) believing in me and my work. Love you all and wishes for  your good health, support, co-operation and happiness.

Se Feliz and Cuidate.

Your’s sincerely

Sadikshya Shrestha


Eureka Pradhan

Namaste Maria

Sweet remembrance with love.

We all are fine hope you are also fine. We all were very happy to work with you. The Khusi Nest Cultural centre is oragnizing the 6th annual anniversary.

Women activities:-

1) All the women are coming regularly and studying to their related subjects.

2) This month there is 6th annual anniversary of our organization in which all the women are taking participation and they are practicing it very well.

3) We are teaching all the women drama while this drama will be going all it will help the women to increase self-confidence in which their speaking and talking capacity will also be improved.

4) We taught all the women to make different kinds of flowers and taught them arts because the spring season has been started. They have made the flower very well and we are very happy to know it.

5) We even taught them to make the drawing of burning candle and along with it we also taught them to make the flag of clothes and written some good words.

6) From this month all the women have started their philosophy class. They also said very good words about their friends.

7) We bought the cups for women to drink tea and they drinked the green tea in a philosophy class.

8) Maria put the meeting for the staff in which we need to show the presentation of our organization to her.

9) We admitted three women and their name are Anu Singh, Ganga Maharjan and Mansar Tamang.

10) Women learned the paper work of birds and also invitation card.

Children activities:-

1) Because of the 6th annual anniversary program we taught them to dance according to their level.

2) We taught them the drama for the program.

3) We taught them also the drawing of flower for the spring season.

4) Maria taught them the song of the Spanish.

5) We even taught them also the flower of paper.

6) We made them to color the Mural.

7) We even taught them to make invitation card also.

8) There have been five children admitted in this month and their name are Ayusha singh, Binda Pariyar, Binita Pariyar, Kriti singh and Radha Bhujhel.

9) Every Sunday all the children are cleaning to the outside of the garden.
10) We provide 3 days biscuits and 3 days fruits to all the children.

Thank you very much Maria for giving the golden opporturnity and helping for the children and women. From this year Maria has increased the salary of ours by increasing Rs3000 and we are really thankful to Maria.                                                                                      

Eureka Pradhan


Shanti Maharjan

Hola Maria,

Welcome back Maria! I'm happy to see you in sound health and happy. I would like the present the activities of the month in the following points.

Women activities:

1.     This month also we had admitted some new women in Nepali and Math class.

2.     Low and high level student's of Nepali subject final examination has been taken and result found good.

3.     Nepali subject women students are regular in their class. They are progressing.

4.     Reading, writing and speaking activities has done as usual.

5.     For the month, we train to make spring seasons flower and colouring it.

6.     For the month, we train to make paper craft flower.

7.      Home visit has been done this month.

8.     For the month, new metal cup has been bought so as to serve green tea to women after philosophy class.

9.     Founder Maria, let us to think new things for the better improvement of "The Khushi Nest".

10.  Founder Maria, also took classes about conversation to women students.

11.  Founder Maria has shown the videos to teachers, women about sleeping position.

12.  Founder Maria and Miss Eureka teach drama to women for 6th anniversary.

13.  Songs for 6th anniversary has been practiced for the month.

14.  Founder Maria taught us to make Tibetan flag. On the flag we write good things.

15.  Founder Maria organize one to one meeting to teachers.

16.  Founder Maria teach us to remember good things and to forget bad things.

Children activities:

1.     Regarding children, Evening classes are running very well. Children are entertaining with various kind of playing like sopa letters, skipping, chess, dammas, oca, puzzle etc. They are very much happy to play the games.

2.     We take children class in regular. After winter season, the children are coming regularly.

3.     They were given fruits and biscuits in regular basis.

4.     This month we take flute and dance classes. They like very much and interested.

5.     For this month we train them how to make spring flower with colouring. They like it very much. They are happy to learn.

6.     For the month, paper craft flower training has been given to children.

7.     This month also we admitted some new children.

8.     Founder Maria took Spanish language classes and also taught Spanish song for the children.

9.     Drama for 6th anniversary has been trained.

10. Children are also shown sleeping position videos.

11.  Founder Maria also asked the children about improvement of "The Khushi Nest".

12.  Children are taught to make invitation card for 6th anniversary.

13.  Children are taught to make bird. They like it very much.

14. They are doing their school’s homework.

15. In every Sunday children clean the garden.

Hope you like this month activities.

         Lastly, I wish you very good health and good time.

                   Take care and bye.

Thank you.


Shanti Maharjan


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