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Reporters Mayo 2017

Shanti Maharjan


Namaste Maria,

How are you? You are fine in Spain and everything is going well. Wishing for good health and progress to you. We have done many activities in the month May.

Women activities:

1.    This month also we had admitted some new student low level Nepali, Math and English classes.

2.    All the students are regular in the class. They are improving their study. They are sharing ideas each and other.

3.    We teach them how to paint the mandalas drawing.

4.    This month also we show Spanish movies to the women.

5.    On the occasion of Buddha Jayanti (World peace day of the birthday of Buddha). Women donate some money in the money box.

6.    In every 15 days, we took philosophy class. In philosophy class women are given knowledge about Buddhism. They were told stories about Buddha. That is very good in our life.

7.    This month also we teach them how to play, puzzle games, sopa de letras, 8 errors games. They are very interested and they like very much.

8.    Women are improving day by day they are able to read newspaper, magazines, story book etc.

Children activities:

1.    Regarding children evening classes are running very well. Children are entertaining with coloring, drawing, playing like puzzle, sopa de letras, skipping, Damas, Carrom board, Rummy games etc

2.    Every Sunday three teachers and children clean the garden.

3.    This month teachers and children make the smack dog puzzle. That is very nice and Children are very happy to make the puzzle.

4.    For this month, we train them how to make cloth hanging stationary. They like very much and they are very interested.

5.    This month also we had admitted some new children.

6.    Sadikshya and I took English class about self introduction and word meaning to have knowledge and idea. They are happy to learn it

 Hope you like this month activities.

         Lastly, I wish you very good health and good time.

Shanti Maharjan


Eureka Pradhan

Namaste Maria.

Sweet rememberance

We are fine here. I wish for your good health.

Woman activities:

1)    In this month, I am running high and low level math classes goodly all students are studying goodly.

2)     Social class also running well. All student are studying entertaining and happily

3)    In this month on philosophy story on the occasion of Buddha Jayanti we talk about Buddha to women and they are share many ideas with us. They enjoy the class.

4)    Women put money in the money box on the occasion of Buddha Jayanti.

5)    Two new women came to study. They are also studying goodly.

6)    Women play games like mandalas painting, 8 error game, sopa game and Puzzle game.

7)     While showing movies, in this month, of CD 5 all part finish, till now CD 1, CD 2, CD 3, CD 4, and CD 7 are already finished. I tell you before also but CD 5 completed in this month. Almost all women are regular while looking movies.

8)    Women are knitting socks. Till now I and 4 women had completed socks. Shanti and Sadikshya are knitting  socks. I will teach later to the women who want to knit hat.

Children activities:

1)    All children are coming regularly.

2)    Children put color in the paining and mandalas also.

3)    Children are playing different types of games.

4)    All Children made dog Puzzle too.

5)    In this month, we teach pencil hanging clothes bag. Children feel happy to make it.

6)    In this month on the occasion of Buddha Jayanti, we tell things about Buddha to children and they also tell what they know to others.

7)    As always on Sunday we do cleaning with children, they pick dust and paper.

8)    Three children came here to study and they are happy to come here.

Like this all are very happy to get all this chance so they thank you as well as us.

 Eureka pradhan


Sadikshya Shrestha

Hola Founder Maria.

How are you, hope everything is well and good with you. Wish for your good health, success, secure future and progress. We have done the many activities so now I am going to write each activity of Women and kids in following points

Eureka almost complete Saraswati painting. After it complete we will color with women and kids and I will send you photo.

Women Activities:

1.     In low level of English class women is trying to figure out the alphabet and letters and some words. They are doing hard labor.

2.     In high and medium level, women are able to read some sentence, phrases and can give question and answer. They are doing hard work and focusing on their study.

3.     Next week, I am going to take examination of English.

4.     On the occasion of Buddha Jayanti, we all put money on the money box, teachers told about story and knowledge of Buddha and women also talk about what they know and tell good and positive things.

5.     Women; who are coming to study in The Khushi Nest,  they feel happy to have an opportunity to study and make their life and future bright by having education and knowledge to make better way.

6.      In extra activities as women are interested they fill color in mandalas, play sopa letras and 8 error game, etc.

7.     We show to the women Spanish CDs .

8.     I feel happy to knit with women and Eureka taught me very well.

9.     Women are knitting socks; some are going to finish to it. They are being excited while knitting and waiting till it finish.

Activities Children:

1.     Kids are happy to come in the Khushi Nest and they are able to learn various activities.

2.     After finish to study and homework kids play various games for the refreshment, they fill colors and they manage things by helping each other.

3.     After coming back from school when they reach Khushi Nest Cultural Center, they wash hand face and legs to be clean and healthy.

4.     I take English class with Shanti to kids about very important and useful class this time as they learn the self introduction and many meaningful words. They seem to be happy to learn it.

5.     Kids are always cleaning the street and they like to keep it clean.

6.     Kids are learning, studying, reading the work of the school as the homework.

7.     Me, Shanti with some kids, we completed the puzzle of cute puppy very nicely.

8.     By coming in The Khushi Nest obeying its rule we saw in kids they are loving to junior and following to senior, they are helping each other, their behaving is changing. By seeing this I feel so glad.

9.     When kids can manage time we will manage them to look Spanish CDS.

Thank you for your help and support, women and kids are very thankful to you (Maria).

I hope you like this month report. We have done many activities. We will improve better in coming time with new things, better education and ideas in good way.

Se Feliz and Cuidate.

Your’s sincerely

Sadikshya Shrestha


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