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Reporters Junio 2017

Shanti Maharjan


Namaste Maria,

How are you? You are fine in Spain and everything is going well. Wishing for good health and progress to you. We have done many activities in the month May.

Women activities:

1.    This month also we had admitted some new students low level Nepali, Math and English classes.

2.    All the students are regular in the class. They are improving their study.

3.    We teach them how to paint the fruits drawing.

4.    This month also we show Spanish movies to the women. They are very much happy and excited to saw the movies.

5.    On the occasion of paddy day Women donate some money in the money box. In philosophy class women had given knowledge about agriculture.

6.     This month also we teach them how to play, puzzle games, 8 errors games. They are very interested and they like very much.

7.    Women are improving day by day they are able to read newspaper, magazines, story book etc. They are very interested and they like very much.

Children activities:

1.    Regarding children evening classes are running very well. Children are entertaining with coloring, drawing, playing like puzzle, skipping, Dammas, Carrom board, Rummy games etc

2.    Every Sunday three teachers and children clean the garden.

3.    This month, we admitted one child.

4.    For this month, we train them how to make cloth covering headband. They like very much and they are very interested.

5.    Sadikshya took English class about the important statements and I help children to write.

6.    This month we show Spanish movies to the children. They are very happy and excited. They like very much.

7.    In this month we teach them how to paint fruits drawing. They are very interested and they like very much.

Hope you like this month activities.

Lastly, I wish you very good health and good time.

Take care and bye.


   Shanti Maharjan


Eureka Pradhan


Namaste Maria.

Sweet rememberance

I had done operation. I am feeling little better now but I am taking medicine, my wound and stitches in it makes me so pain. I am having dressing twice a week. Thank you for your mail and your help Maria.

Woman activities:

1)    In this month, high and low level math classes are going goodly, students are studying goodly.

2)     Women of Social class is doing well. All student are studying entertaining and happily.

3)    In this month, as it is rainy season women talk about the agriculture farming etc.

4)    I had done Saraswati Painting, Sadikshya and Shanti help me in coloring it.

5)    Two new women had been admitted.

6)    Women drew fruit paintings as it is the season of fruits. They are happy to do it.

Children activities:

1)    All children are coming regularly.

2)    Children also draw fruit painting as it’s the season.

3)    Children are playing different types of games.

4)    I teach with help of Shanti and Sadikshya hairband of clothes as handwork. Children are very happy to make it.

5)    On Sunday Children do cleaning.

6)    One new child came here to study.

Hope you like my month report as there are not many activities. Women and children, Like this all are very happy to get all this chance so they thank you as well as us.

 Eureka pradhan     


Sadikshya Shrestha

26th June 2017

Hola Founder Maria.

How are you, Maria (Founder), hoping everything is fine and good with you. Wish for your success, healthy, happiness and progress. We have done different activities so now I am going to write each activity of Women and kids in following points

Women Activities:

1.     I had taken examination of English Medium level. They did well in their examination. I am satisfy with their result

2.     In high and low level, women are doing and giving their time to study and improve their writing; listening good conversation and phrases.

3.     This month, I want all women to take to visit nursery to give knowledge about flower, seeds, soil etc many women have land and they grow crops and grow plant but due to rainy season most of time we cannot take them, we will take them next month.

4.     This month is famous for agricultural so women had an agricultural class, they talk about land, fertile soil, crops etc. They share ideas with teachers and each others. They are very happy to have philosophy class.

5.     Women said they got an opportunity to study in The Khushi Nest and make their life; future bright by having education and knowledge to make better way. They are Thankful to Maria and 3 Teachers.

6.      This is the season of fruits so women draw pictures of many fruits and very well color in it. They are happy to do painting.

7.     Women saw Spanish movies. They seem happy to see it.

8.     New women are interested to learn Nepali and later on English.

Activities Children:

1.     New kid had admitted to The Khushi Nest.

2.     Kids are happy to come in the Khushi Nest; spend time and able to learn various activities.

3.     Kids draw paintings of fruits and color it.

4.     Kids play all games and they seem very happy to play and learn game.

5.     I take English class to kids very useful and important statement and Shanti help to kids.

6.     Kids are always cleaning the street once a week and they like to keep it clean. Before to come in The Khushi Nest, They wash their face, hand, feet and comb their hair properly.

7.     Kids are learning, studying, reading the work of the school as the homework.

8.     This time I teach to some kids how to play Rummy; kids saw Emails and Cds.

Thank you for your help and support, women and kids are very thankful to by you (Maria).

I hope you like this month report. We have done different activities. We will improve better in coming time with new things, better education and ideas in good way.

Se Feliz and Cuidate.

Your’s sincerely

Sadikshya Shrestha


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