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Reporters Agosto 2017

Shanti Maharjan

Hola Maria,

Como ESTA USTED ? I hope you are fit and fine in  Barcelona.  Wishing for good health and progress to you. We have done many activities in the month August.

Women activities:

1.    All classes of women are running very well and they are doing hard work in study. They are improving their study. They are sharing ideas each and other.

2.     We teach them how to play Rummy games and puzzle games. They like very much and very interested.

3.    This month also we show Spanish movies to the women. They are very much happy and excited to saw the movies.

4.    On the occasion of the Krishna’s birthday and Teej Women donate some money in the money box.

5.    Women celebrated Teej. They like always with happiness, love and blessing. So they were dancing, singing and sharing ideas each and other. All the women wishes you many many happy Teej. They miss you a lot.

6.    In philosophy class women had given knowledge about Krishna’s birthday. In philosophy class we teach them many kinds of good knowledge. Which was the best knowledge of our society. And women was also told about Krishna birthday. Which was very powerful knowledge in our life.

7.     They are able to read newspaper, magazines, story book etc. They are very interested and they like very much. They are improving day by day.

Children activities:

1.    Regarding children evening classes are running very well. Children are entertaining with coloring, drawing, playing like puzzle, skipping, Dammas, Carrom board, Rummy games, 8 errors games, Ludo, oca, chess, Ring, etc.

2.    Every Sunday three teachers and children clean the garden and outside of garden.

3.    For this month, we train them two types of plastic bottle handwork. We teach them how to make colorful plastic and ribon basket. They like very much and they are very interested.

4.    Sadikshya took English class about the important statements and I help children to write.

5.    This month we show Spanish movies to the children. They are very happy and excited. They like very much.

6.    They were given fruits and biscuits in regular.

Hope you like this month activities.

                   Lastly, I wish you very good health and good time.



Shanti Maharjan

Sadikshya Shrestha

Hola Founder Maria.

 Firstly I would like to wish you a very happy Teej. Hope every is good and fine with you. We all are doing very well and all are fine here. I want to present the activities that we had done in August. They are given below in headings.

Women Activities:

1.     All English level of classes are going very good. Women are improving in medium level; women are learning well to write message on cell phone and how to read as well. They are learning how to type on mobile and letter by English letters.

2.     In high and low level, women are doing hard labor to read and write. They are figuring out the word, sentences and phrases.

3.     This month, women celebrated women Festival Teej, they entertain and enjoy a lot; they dance sing song. We offer them food and juice. They also bring fruit and food to share. We all enjoy and had good time. They put money in money box as well.

4.     On the Occasion of Krishna Janasthmi, we had a good philosophy class. We all talk about “how Krishna was born”. Some women put their view that “he had two mother and how his maternal uncle had many plans to kill him”. About his “AVATARS” in many “YUG”. Etc we had a very good time and entertaining class. Women share many things by seeing these we came to know they are now have a confidence to speak in front of all.

5.     Women are making puzzles in a group by helping each other; read newspaper, this time they learn Rummy game and they feel happy and excited to learn it.

6.     Women saw Spanish movies and Nepali film about education, they are very happy to watch them .

7.     Two women took photos in this month, like Nirmala Thapa and  Sita Saphi.

Activities Children:

1.     This time on English class, kids learn where to put commas, full stop, question mark in paragraph; they also read the paragraph infront of all kids (Friends).

2.     Kids are happy to come in the Khushi Nest; learn many good things and activities and spend time.

3.     Kids learn handwork of making basket from plastic bottles. It is very decorative, nice and beautiful and it is very useful as well. Children are very happy to learn it.

4.     Kids are playing all types of games like Oca, Rummy, error, Parrachis, Damas etc with curiosity, interestedly and happily. They seem very happy to play and learn game.

5.     Kids are always cleaning the street and garden once a week on Sunday and they like to keep it clean.

6.     Kids are helping each other in every activities of the Cultural Center.

7.     On the Occasion of “Krishna Janasthami” birth date of Krishna; kids watch beautiful animated movie about Krishna and his good work deeds. They are very happy to watch it.

8.     Children are doing painting and coloring in the pictures as well.

9.     Children are given fruit and biscuit thrice week. They feel happy to get it.

Muchas Gracias for your help and support, Teachers, women and kids are very thankful to you (Maria). Fue un placer hablar contigo. Hasta la vista

     De’Donde Eres

Se Feliz and Cuidate.

Sadikshya Shrestha

Eureka Pradhan

Hola Maria.

Dulce Recuerdo y Amor

We all are fine here and hope you are also fine there. Nosotroste Recuerdo.

Woman activities:

1)    On the occasion of Krishna Janasthami, we teachers told to women story of Krishna. All women also said some good points about Krishna. Women named Laxmi Tripathi, Goma Dhamala, Him Kumari Itani and Devi Magar said about Krishna incarnation, and good work done by Krishna. Women learned many things. They are enjoying the philosophy class.

2)    In high level math class, women are studying nicely and they are doing revision and doing good work.

3)    In low level of Math class, Women are very excited to learn and they are studying. They are very happy because they got chance to study.

4)    In social class, women are studying nicely. They are studying culture, traditions, poem, condition of environment and in society.

5)    On the occasion of Krishna Janasthami and Teej, women put money in the money box.

6)    This month we have Teej so all women they enjoy a lot. They dance, sing a song. In a song, they told about progress, happy to come and study in The Khushi Nest. They told Maria and us, thank you from the song.

7)    For women, they completed latest Cds 6 and they also watch a Nepali movie about education. They are happy to watch it.

8)    Women are reading newspaper and magazines time to time. They have now habit of reading newspaper and magazines as well in home.

9)    They are also playing rummy and puzzles.

Children activities:

1)    In this month, Kareena Limbu had been admitted.

2)    In this month we teach to children handwork about plastic bottles to a beautiful basket. It is very useful. Children are very happy to learn it.

3)    Like before, Children are playing different types of games like rummy, error, damas, parrachis, Oca, etc.

4)    Children are doing paintings and color.

5)    For children also they saw CDs 6 and on the occasion of Krishna Janasthami they saw movie of Krishna, they are very happy to see it.

6)    They are cleaning streets and garden every Sunday.

7)    They are doing activities regularly. They are very happy to come here.

8)    In a week, 3/3 times we gave biscuit and fruit to the children.

This activities of women and children, hope you like it. We all would like to give thanks for your Help and support.

Eureka pradhan


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