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Reporters Octubre 2017

Shanti Maharjan

Hola Maria,

Como ESTA USTED? TE  ENCUENT RAS BIEN? I hope you are fit and fine . Best wishes for good health and progress to you. We have done many activities in the month October.

Women activities:

1.    All classes of women are running very well and they are doing hard work in study. They are improving their study in better way.

2.    After Dashain festival vacation still all the women and children are not present in the class. They informed us to continue after  second great festival Tihar-Dipawali (The festival of light)

3.    The cultural center Tihar (Dipawali) celebrate women ,children and the Khushi Nest team.The women happily celebrate Dipawali. They make rangoli. The Khushi Nest team all the women and children miss you a lot. All the women wishes you many many happy great festival of Tihar.

4.    We teach them how to play Rummy games and puzzle games. They like very much and very interested.

5.    This month also we show Spanish movies to the women. They are very much happy and they get new knowledge.

6.    On the occasion of Tihar festival Women donate some money in the money box.

7.    Women celebrated tihar festival. They like always with happiness, love and blessing.

8.    In philosophy class women had given knowledge about Tihar festival. In philosophy class we teach them many kinds of good knowledge about tihar festival. Which was the best knowledge of our society. And women was also told about Tihar. Which was very powerful knowledge in our life.

9.     They are able to read newspaper, magazines, story book etc. They are very interested and they like very much. They are improving day by day.

Children activities:

1.    Regarding children evening classes are running very well. Children are entertaining with coloring, drawing, playing like puzzle, chess  Rummy, skipping, Carrom board, Rummy games, 8 errors games, Ludo, oca, chess, Ring, put colour the drawing,Dammas etc. They are hppy to play the games.

2.    In Every Sunday three teachers and children clean the garden and outside of garden.

3.    For this month, we train them how to make egg cover art. They like very much and they are very interested.

4.    Sadikshya took English class about the important passages and I help children to write.

5.    This month we show Spanish movies to the children. They are very happy and excited. They like very much.

6.    They were given fruits and biscuits in regular.

7.    The children happily celebrated Tihar festival (Dipawali). They make very beautiful Rang Goli. They like very much and they are very excited.

8.    Children and teachers together making mural of Tihar very beautifully.


Hope you like this month activities.

                   Lastly, I wish you very good health and good time.






Shanti Maharjan


Eureka Pradhan

Namaste Maria.

Sweet remember and love

I am feeling fine, wish you are also fine there. Happy Tihar. Hope this Tihar brings prosperous, good thing for you. you are coming to Nepal so  we are waiting to you.

 Woman activities:

1)    In high level math class, women are studying nicely and they gave small test examination. Result went good.

2)    Social class is going well all women are doing good.

3)    In low level of Math class, Women are doing good and well. They are studying. They are very happy to study.

4)    On the occasion of Tihar festival. We make rangoli programme. We light candles, dance and song. We provide some food also.

5)    On Philosophy class, we talk about the occasion of Tihar Festival. Women talk about the importance and festival. They also talk about what they know.

6)    Women are reading newspaper. They are enjoying it.

7)    Women are playing various games like Rummy and puzzle game. They also are watching movies and Cds.

8)    All women wish you Happy Tihar.

Children activities:

1)    In this month, all children make egg cover thing in chart paper. We are using the egg cover without making waste. We give them information that we can use it again as handwork.

2)    Like always Sadikshya is teaching English class to the children.

3)    On the Occasion of Tihar Festival, we make rangoli and make programme. Children light candles.

4)    On the occasion of Tihar, children make drawing in Mural. It is very beautiful.

5)    On Sunday, children clean street and garden.

6)    Children are playing different games like carom board, chess, puzzle, lego etc.

7)    In a week, 3/3 times we gave biscuit and fruit to the children.

8)    Children watch movies. They like very much.

We would like to thank you for your support and help to all women and children.

Eureka pradhan


Sadikshya Shrestha

Hola Founder Maria.

Firstly I wee would like to wish you a very happy Tihar and Deepawali. Hope you will have prosperity and good health. This month Dashain and Tihar lies in same Nepali month so women and children over all are not coming in The Khushi Nest. We have done various activities so now I am going to write each activity of Women and kids in following points

Women Activities:

1.     In high and low level, women are doing and giving their time to study and improve their writing; listening good conversation and sentence.

2.      All English level of classes is going very well. Women are improving more than before and medium level; women are learning how to write message on cell phone. They are learning English letters.

3.     This month, women celebrated Tihar festival by making rangoli of colors; full of fun and enjoyment. They are very happy to celebrate by singing song etc. we offer them tea; biscuits and other thing. They put money in Money box.

4.     We had Philosophy class, it went very well. They talk about festival tihar and its importance.

5.     Women are playing rummy game, make puzzles in a group by helping each other; read newspaper.

6.     Women saw Spanish movies CDS and education giving movies. They seem very happy to watch it and get knowledge.

7.     Women all wishes you Happy Tihar and may your life be bright like candles.

Activities Children:

1.     Kids are coming and playing various games like parachis, ring, puzzle, rummy, carromboard and chess etc.

2.     Kids are happy to come in the Khushi Nest; spend time and able to learn various activities.

3.     Kids are doing various activities like handwork paper of making egg cover of beautiful hen by doing sketch in papers.

4.     Kids celebrated Tihar festival by making rangoli, lighting candles, dancing singing a songs etc and they ate sweets and food.

5.     Kids are always cleaning the street once a week on Sunday and they like to keep it clean.

6.     Kids are learning English class with passage or story by putting similar rhymes in the passage shanti is helping them to writing.

7.     Kids also watch animated movies and also Spanish CDs with interestingly.

8.     For Tihar children make Mural of Tihar very nicely.

9.     Children are given fruit and biscuit thrice week. They feel happy to get it.

Thank you for your help and support, women and kids are very thankful to you (Maria). Happy to see you soon. Welcome to Nepal

Se Feliz and Cuidate.

Your’s sincerely

Sadikshya Shrestha



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