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Reporters Julio 2019

Shanti Maharjan


Hola Maria,

Como Esta Usted ? Espero que estes bien alli. Espero que tu tiempo sea bueno y exitoso.

Actividades de mujeres:

1.    Women have given all Nepali level examination in thie month. They have done their best and good.

2.    New women are admitted and they are studying Nepali too.

3.    Women talk about cleanliness for their health. They are happy to take class and know many good things.

4.    Women put money on occasion of Teacher's day. They celebrate it with dancing, singing song and having food and juice etc. They are very happy to celebrate it.

5.    Women put money on Money box on this day.

6.    Women who are interested I teach to some women how to sew clothes I teach to the teachers; how to use sewing machine.

7.    Women are seeing the videos What's app, which you had sent us.

8.    Women complete the mandalas by putting colors.

9.    Women are trying to read Newspaper and practicing to read story book in Nepali.

10.Five women have done photos.

Actividades Para ninos:

1.    Children are coming regularly.

2.    Children are playing many games like Parchis, Oca, Damas, Puzzle, Lego, chess, plastellina, ball, Lego, Rummy etc

3.    Children are reading tales, story books turn wise.

4.    Children seeing the videos of whats app and information about Khushi Nest.

5.    Children celebrate Teacher's day by putting Tika .

6.    Children play chess and I help them to play it

7.    They were given fruits and biscuits 3 times a week regular.

8.    For handwork, this month they learn about making plastic bottle flower vase.  Children are very happy to make it.

9.    Children are cleaning garden and streets on every Sunday.

10.I help them to children to do English class done by Sadikshya.

Hope you like this month activities. We all miss you. No olvides Khushinest.

 Thank you.

Fuerte abrazo

Se feliz.

Shanti Maharjan


 Eureka Pradhan


Hola Maria.

Dulce recuerdo y amor

Como Usta Usted? Espero que todo esta bien con usted. Deseo siempre bueno para ti.

 I am writing down some activities for the month July.

Woman activities:

1)    Women gave examination of Math subject. They did very nice.

2)    Women are watching What's app Video, they are happy to see it.

3)    New two women admitted in this month.

4)    Women celebrate Teacher's day, they enjoy a lot. They had food and juice too.

5)    Women dance, singing songs on Teacher's Day. They put money on Money box.

6)    Women who like to sew they are learning it with Shanti.

7)    For philosophy class, we discuss them about cleaning habit, now it's very hot so we need to be neat and clean. They are happy happy to listen.

8)    Women put colors in Mandalas very beautifully.

9)    They see yellow files of Khusi Nest.

10)   They read newspaper also.

Children activities:

1)    Children are coming regulary and they are learning activities.

2)    Children are cleaning garden and streets.

3)    In a week 3 times, children are getting fruits and biscuits.

4)    Children are very happy to celebrate Teacher's day.

5)    Children are playing games like: Parchis, Damas, Ball, ring, Plastelina, Chess, Puzzle, lego, Rummy etc.

6)    Children do very jnice colors in Mandalas.

7)    Now a days Children are studying stories book regularly.

8)    Children are watching good videos.

9)    Children are happy to come and study here.

10. Children learn handwork about plastic hard bottle flower vase. They are happy to learn it.

Espero que seas feliz con nosotros.


 cuidate y te extrano mucho

Eureka pradhan


Sadikshya Shrestha

1st August 2019

Hola Founder Maria.

Como estas, Maria? Espero que todo este bien. Quedate siempre bendecido y feliz. Espero exito, bien y progreso para ti . Se feliz.

I would like to wish you from all a very Happy Teacher's Day to our Dear and Lovely Founder Maria.

I am going to summarize the activities of Women and kids in following points.

Women Activities:

1.     Women have given examination of English class. They try and did their best in the Examination.

2.    New women are also studying English class and they are learning basically. They are doing hard work.

3.    They put money in money box on the occasion of Teacher's Day.

4.    They celebrate Teachers day by putting Tika from the Teachers and blessings. They enjoy the day by dancing, singing songs etc. They seem to be very happy. They have food and juice etc.

5.    We had a philosophy class to the Women, how to be hygiene and stay healthy. Cleanliness is very necessary to all. We discuss with them how to be neat and clean. Women are very happy to have class.

6.    Women saw videos about What's App and yellow file information about the Khushi Nest.

7.    Women are very happy to learn many good and motive things in The Khushi Nest.

8.    This month women have done very good and beautiful Mandalas.

9.    Women who like to sew they are trying to sew the bottom line of clothes with help of Teacher Shanti, some women to use sewing machine.

10.They are trying to read  newspaper and books.

Activities Children:

1.    Kids are coming regularly and participating in each and every activity.

2.    Kids are playing different types of games such as Chess, Oca, Damas Lego, Parchis, Plastilina, Ring, Skipping, ball, Rummy etc.

3.    Kids are reading story books day by day, elder kids are helping younger kids.

4.    Shanti is helping children to play chess.

5.    Kids learn good handwork about making beautiful plastic bottle flower vase. Kids are very happy to learn it.

6.    Kids are given fruit and biscuit thrice week. They feel happy to get it.

7.    Kids are cleaning streets and garden every Sunday.

8.    Kids are learning English class; about Introducing themselves to others, list of Favorite food, vegetables, fruit and what they like the most and lastly about how do they help their mother in household activities. They did very good class.

9.    Kids are very happy to see good videos and they also saw the photos and information of yellow file.

10.They celebrate Teacher's day with Teachers by putting Tika and gain blessings.

Hope you like our Activities of this month.

Muchas gracias for your ayuda y apoyo.

We are very agradecido to you.

 We miss you very much.

Se Feliz and Quidate.

Sadikshya Shrestha


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