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Handmade paiting for children

September, 2013 

Hand Painting with Painting colour in a Paper has been taught to children so that they can draw the sketch with any colour. For the painting, we need 

For the painting, we need  

    1. Plain Paper
    2. Paint Brush
    3. Painting colour

    We teach children how to paint with painting color in a plain paper. Children can draw with their imagination, ideas what they want to sketch with a painting color. Children are learning how to sketch in a plain paper with painting color so that if they wanted to give a picture or a sketch then easily they can have their own sketch with various attractive and colorful colors, as they have colors with their own and have plain paper too. They can give it as gift too to other; it can easily be made without expenses. It builds up the knowledge, ideas, intellectual and imagination power. They are very happy to learned it and have sketch by their own ideas. Some have drawn sketch very well.

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