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Handmade Greeting

October, 2013

Hand Greeting is very useful to all people because it saves money and developed intellectual knowledge, ideas and grown up mind.

For the Greeting , we need 

1.Plain hard Paper

2.Colorful soft paper


 Handmade Greeting 1Handmade Greeting 2Handmade Greeting 3Handmade Greeting 4Handmade Greeting 5Handmade Greeting 6

We teach children how to make greeting card with plain paper. Children can put soft colorful paper with many designs of arts in middle of the paper so that it can show attractive instead of drawing pictures and cutting. Children are making various design and art of soft colorful paper by cutting and writing thoughts, poems, etc to their friends and other relatives. It makes them very easy to make greeting card by handmade with plain Paper. It is cheap so that they can give it to anyone. It builds up the knowledge, ideas, intellectual and imagination power. They are very happy to learn it. Mostly they made greetings for Tihar.  

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