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Handmade Kites

November 2013

Hand Made kites are made by thin paper or plastic with lien sticks and thread so that children can make it during festival to fly and cost less. For the making kites, we need

For the painting, we need

    1. Thin Paper or plastic paper
    2. Sticks
    3. Threads
    4. Tape or glue

 Handmade Kites 1Handmade Kites 2Handmade Kites 3Handmade Kites 4Handmade Kites 5Handmade Kites 6 

We teach children how to make kites by handmade. Children can make handmade kites by plain or plastic paper. Children are learning how to make kites by attractive plain paper with many painting inside it which shows more good and nice. They can make it for the occasion so that they could fly kites with different colors; excitement and enjoyment. They can give it as gift too to others as well. It can easily be made without many expenses. It builds up the knowledge, ideas, intellectual and imagination power of the children. They can have creativity. They are very happy to learn it and enjoying. They did well and made kites with many sigh inside which is nice and good.


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