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Children write something about to the museum

November 2013

  1. Nimchhoiki Sherpa: - She saw place where king is lives, Kings Crown and queen crown, Place of queen where stays is. Dresses of king and queen as well as their marriage. Aero plane made by king, bicycle of king, elephant’s leg and teeth, horses riding belt. We saw very nice things. We saw patan pictures as well. I am very happy to go there.
  2. Chhoting Sherpa: - We went to Hanuman Dhoka museum. We saw queen’s dress and hat. We saw Elephant’s teeth. We saw old things in the museum. We enjoy very much. We saw many coins. We saw temple.
  3. Sunita Shrestha: - We went during educational tour at Friday. We saw bed of king. We saw together king and queen picture as well as many things. We saw king and queen clothes and ornaments. We saw elephant’s teeth and deer’s head. We saw cupboard and gifts given by foreigners’ countries friends. We saw countries money as well as many books.
  4. Pemba Sherpa: - We went during educational tour at Friday. We saw king, queen dresses. We saw firstly gun. We saw many coin and money. King’s and queen’s room, office room, king crown, temple, elephant teeth, watch, horses clothes while ride, elephant dresses etc many things we saw.
  5. Bibika Pradhan: - We gone Hanuman Dhoka museum from the khushi nest, Cultural center (KNCC). We went there by walking. It takes 30 minutes to reach there. We cut ticket, puts our bag and gone up the stairs. We saw the picture of king and queen. We saw many dresses of king and queen. The dresses were very nice. We saw the table of king, bed, dressing table, watch and bird as well which is already dead. For remembering the king kept bird. We saw the head of buffalo, tiger, and chair of king where the king sits. The chair was very nice and good. We saw a dress of a king when he wears in the small time. We saw the guns and bullet. We saw the old van, keys, the gold and lockets. We also went in nine storey’s palace. Then we went to eat lunch. We enjoy very much in museum.

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