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Making Handmade Envelope by Paper

December 2013

We teach to children how to make Handmade Envelope. It is less costly. It is useful to put letters, greeting cards in attractive way to save it for many longer time.

For theEnvelope, we need

1. Paper

2. Wrapping paper

3. Tape or glue

4. Colorful Marker

 Envelope by Paper 1Envelope by Paper 2Envelope by Paper 3Envelope by Paper 4Envelope by Paper 5Envelope by Paper 6

We teach children how to make envelope with paper. Children can make handmade. Children can make easily envelope with different color paper with nice design and in attractive way. They can use glue while making the envelope and can paste good shape of wrapping paper. It shows attractive and good design. They can use it to put greeting cards, letter or anything. It saves the thing for longer days although we do not use it. When we need its like same like before. It can easily be made without many expenses. It is very useful. It builds up the knowledge, ideas, intellectual and imagination power of the children. They can have creativity and imaginative power. They are very happy to learn it; they enjoyed and feel interested to it. They made different design and types of envelope with many shape of beautiful wrapping papers. They feel so happy.


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