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Making decorate Egg Crade picture frame

May 2014

We teach children how to make Decorate colorful Egg Crade into beautiful attractive frame. It is not costly so it can be useful to use it or to give gift to others as well. It is so useful and important or any purpose.

For the items, we need

1.     Egg Crade

2.     Shining Stones or stars

3.     Painting color and Brush

4.     Thread and needle        

 Making decorate Egg Crade-5Making decorate Egg Crade-6Making decorate Egg Crade-7Making decorate Egg Crade-8Making decorate Egg Crade

We teach to all the children how to make the Egg crade to beautiful and attractive Frame. It can be very useful to us as well as to other so that we can use it as gift or show thing in house or anywhere. We can hand it on the walls or fix it in cupboard as it is attractive, impressive with art, painting and good designs. Children can make it in their house as it is so easy to make and they can give as gift instead of buying. It is no more costly so All children are so happy to learn it and make it together by helping each other. They want to try it in their house as well.


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