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Handmade paper roller stationary keeping things

Date: December 2014 

We teach Children how to make the handmade colorful Paper roller to keep stationary or various things which are necessary so that it can be locate in fixed place. It is very useful.

For this, we need

  1. Printed Nepali paper

  2. Newspaper

  3. Fevicol or glue gum

  4. hard box cover

  5. Scissor

 Manualidad Diciembre 2014 (1)Manualidad Diciembre 2014 (4)Manualidad Diciembre 2014 (6)Manualidad Diciembre 2014 (10)

To make the handmade colorful roller paper to put stationary and other various things we need many paper which are given above. It is very easy to make and not costly. They can put it in their room or on the Table to locate things in fixed place when needed it can be available. It can be use as gift or for own purpose. Children seem very happy to learn this Handmade thing. All children as well as Teaches Warmly and happily with lots of Love wishes You Happy New Year 2015.


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