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Handmade colorful Bangles by Spaghetti

Date: February 2015

 In this February month, so we teach Children how to make the handmade colorful bangles by Sphagetti so beautifully and nicely.

To make this handwork, we need many things like:

      1. Spaghetti
      2. Painting colors
      3. Brushes
      4. Color shining liquid
      5. Thick thread

Handmade colorful Bangles by Spaghetti-1Handmade colorful Bangles by Spaghetti-2Handmade colorful Bangles by Spaghetti-3Handmade colorful Bangles by Spaghetti-4

To make the handmade colorful bangles by spaghetti. We need various things which have explained above. We teach to children a spaghetti can be used as a bangles if we put various attractive painting colors on Spaghetti as our own choice. After that we put color shining liquid for a day up to its dry and then we can put it in a thick thread as a size of children hand or if children are interested then they can use it as a present to their near and dear ones. It is cheaper. Children are very happy to learn it as well as teacher to teach them. 

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