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Making Leaf art as Greeting card

Date: January 2015

 On January 2015, this is beginning month so we teach Children how to make the handmade card by leaf with beautifully decorated art seems so attractively and nice.

To make this handwork, we need many things like:

  1. Black Paper
  2. Scissor
  3. Fevicol or glue gum
  4. leafs
  5. White color pen or black chalk

 Making Leaf art as Greeting card 1Making Leaf art as Greeting card 2Making Leaf art as Greeting card 3Making Leaf art as Greeting card 4

To make the handmade card with leaf decorated in black paper is very easy and beautiful too. We can make various arts through leaf and can line by white color pen or chalk to make item. It is very good handmade thing by paper. Children learn it very easily and nicely. It is cheap too as we can have it in our house too. Children are very happy to learn it and they seem very happy to learn it as they can use it as card as greeting or they can save it to hang in wall or any purpose. Teachers are also very happy to teach them.

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