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Handwork Flower from pieces of clothes

Date: 30th April 2016

On April 2016, we teach to children how to make a flower of useless pieces of clothes beautifully and attractively. It can be made in stick wood with many colors of clothes.

To make this handwork, we need many several things like:

  • Pieces of clothes
  • Needle and thread
  • Strong glue
  • scissors
  • wood stick
  • Cotton

Flores terminadasNiñas hacen flores

To make handwork of flower with pieces of waste clothes firstly we need to have given things. We need to sew the piece of clothes. We need to separate the stick of woods in equal length. Then we sewing the piece of clothes with the up part of stick and inserting inside some amount of cotton to give the shape like a flower. Then put some powerful glue in down part of the clothes and need to sew up side part like the flower attractive shape. Like this we can have beautiful, attractive and blooming stick flower. It is very easy to make in anywhere. It can be given to other people as gift in occasion; it can change the positions of the places if it is there. It is very usable as it has been made by useless clothes and cotton. Children are very happy to learn and hope they will again make at their home. We teachers feel happy to teach children as well. Hope you had like this month of April handwork report.


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