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Handwork of making thick paper material

On July 2016, we teach to the children how to make thick colorful paper things so that they can learn it and can use it as gifts. To make this handwork, we need many several things like:

1.     Thick colorful paper

2.     Glue or fevicol gum

3.     Tape

4.     Thin paper

 Actividad Julio 2016 1Actividad Julio 2016 2Actividad Julio 2016 3Actividad Julio 2016 4

Firstly to make the paper of the things, we need to use the given equipment. We need to cut the paper by measuring the line, pasting it with glue or fevicol gum for joining. Putting small pieces of thin paper in correct way. Children are very interested to make it. They learn it easily and it is not costly too. They can use it as gift by giving to others on special occasion or as show item. They are very happy to make it and they will do at home too. Teachers are very happy to teach them. We feel glad they seem to be more interested in learning handwork.


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