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Handwork of making Puppet of clothes

Date: 2nd January 2017

On December 2016, We teach children how to make Puppet through many colorful clothes to make attractive and beautiful.

To make this handwork, we need many several things like:

1.     Colorful thick clothes

2.     Small pieces of thin clothes

3.     Scissors

4.     Needle and thread

5.     Strong glue

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Firstly, to make handmade Puppet we need given things. Firstly we need to cut the thick clothes by circle and sew the both sides of its end. We need to make stars, eyes by thick clothes cutting in making its shape and size after that we need to make pupil of eye and and emo of Smile in thin Paper. We choose black and white clothes and it seems like some what Yin-Yang symbol. The world have both dark and as well as light. We decorative the thin white paper as a shape of nose. All should be fixing by glue. It indicates puppets have half part dark and half part light and it always smile never be sad in any problem. They have support of each other. So we teach this handmade to children and they were seems to be happy to learn and love; make it. It is so beautiful and attractive. It is very easy to make and they can have clothes so it is cheap. We feel very happy to teach them in this month.


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