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Handwork of making pieces of towels fixing buttons

On April 2018, we teach children how to make the pieces of towels fixing buttons by sewing in it. it shows different designs on towels.

To make this handwork, we need many several things like:

1.     Pieces of towels

2.     bottoms

3.     Scissors

4.     Thread and Needles


Firstly, to make handmade towel fix by buttons, we need to use given materials. We need to cut the big towels into many small pieces so that the kids can use small space to fix by buttons. They need to sew all sides of the towel to show the pitch by needles by folding and after that in middle space by buttons they sew how many buttons they like. They sew by concentrating the buttons so they try to sew well as possible to fix. It helps them to improve sewing in clothes. They are very happy to sew the towel by fixing buttons in it. It shows nice and attraction likes design. Teachers are also very happy to teach them and help them. Kids can do it in their house as well. It won't take much material and it is cheap as well. It creates their imaginations.

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