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Handwork of making pieces of clothes into a very beautiful dress

On July 2018, we teach children how to make beautiful dress with pieces of clothes.

To make this handwork, we need many several things like:

1.     Colorful pieces of clothes

2.     Thread and needles

3.     Super glue

4.     Scissors

5.     Stud and Plastic elastic          

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To make handmade of pieces of clothes into a very beautiful dress.  Firstly, we need to choose the color to make a beautiful dress. Then with the up given things or material we need to cut the clothes by comparing the parts for dress. Then after that we need to measure to make the dress. We decided to make the dress for Marisara. We measure the length, breadth and other every Parts of body. After cutting the clothes by measuring shape and size. We sew every side top and bottom by putting designs and buds and pad so that while wearing it make comfortable and fit to Marisara. We can make good combination of dress with colorful clothes. Children are very happy to make the dress of Marisara. Teachers help them sew clothes and other and children cut the clothes with help of teachers. Like this we completed dress of Marisara. It's very beautiful and good and we wear dress to Marisara and she looks so beautiful and nice. We repair her little. Children seems very happy to make dress and they can try at their home as well.


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