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Handwork of making wood handicraft for Dashain

On October2018, we teach children how to make beautiful colorful art in clay pots.

To make this handwork, we need many several things like:

1.     wood

2.     glitters

3.     hard glue

4.     Fevicol Glue

5.     Colorful pen

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To make this handwork firstly, we need given things. Firstly to start the handwork, we need many pieces of woods. We must join each side of wood with other until we have four sides with hard glue. Then we can fill the glitters in it with colors. We can decorate the each four sides with pearls or buttons etc. we can write the wish, the quotes or anything good for us or to give another. At last it finishes beautifully and attractive. It does not need much material and easily can be made. It is not so expensive. Anyone can easily try at their home. Kids are very happy to make it and they will try at the home. All kids wishes "Happy Dashain 2075".


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